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Costa Rica
Costa Rica offers a breathtaking array of sights and sounds throughout its lush rainforests, pristine beaches, and variety of wildlife. This dynamic country enthusiastically welcomes travelers to experience its treasured landscape and natural beauty. Colorful tree frogs, giant leatherback turtles, screaming howler monkeys, and crawling sloths are only a few of the animals your family might see in the Costa Rican wild.
Families that are seeking a shared adventure will not be disappointed by the numerous options. Your Costa Rica travel itinerary might include whitewater rafting, a rainforest canopy tour, waterfall rappelling, surfing, or hiking on a volcano. However, there are also many opportunities to simply enjoy time together relaxing at the beach or taking a leisurely nature hike. Your family will learn the essential meaning of the country's motto, Pura Vida, or "Pure Life." Experience the best of this pure life with the nature, charm, excitement, and diversity of Costa Rica!
A guide shows a young boy how to use a compass in the rainforests of Belize
Belize travel offers an unparalleled variety of adventures, all packed into Central America's smallest country. The landscape ranges from coral reef to rainforest, so families can enjoy an array of adventures. These include hiking, snorkeling, sailing, caving, horseback riding, swimming, and so many others. Located on the longest coral reef system in the world, Belize is renowned for its pristine waters and unmatched aquatic life.
There are so many options to occupy children as well as adults during a stay in Belize. History buffs can explore ancient ruins, nature enthusiasts should keep watch for howler monkeys and toucans, and the snorkeling opportunities are endless for the active traveler. Transport your family by sea kayak from reef to jungle or to neighboring sandy islands for a change of scenery. Whether the individuals of your family prefer relaxing in a hammock or exploring the caves of a Maya underworld, everyone is sure to find the perfect escape in Belize.
Kids on the beach
A truly unique experience for your family, a visit to this enchanted archipelago will definitely be one to remember. Witness first-hand the biodiversity, scenery, and history of the Galapagos by hiking, kayaking, biking, and snorkeling throughout the islands. These activities allow incredible wildlife interactions that will amaze all members of your family. Paddle your kayak as dolphins and rays swim beneath the waves, snorkel among sea lions, encounter giant tortoises, sight colonies of marine iguanas, and observe the iconic blue-footed boobies.
With so many unusual opportunities, your family's Galapagos tour will definitely be a trip of a lifetime. Explore lava caves with impressive volcanic formations on islands like Isabela, one of the most volcanically active places on Earth! Learn more about the intriguing natural history of the islands during a leisurely tour of historical sites or an unforgettable visit to the famous Charles Darwin Research Center. Your family can stay active with excursions and activities, but there is also plenty of time to relax in your lodge, on your cruise ship, or at the beach.
Famiy hiking on a tour of Alaska
An Alaska cruise will take your family into an untamed wilderness that allows up-close experiences with the natural wonders of the region. Wildlife sightings seem limitless with animals freely roaming all around you! Brown and black bears, moose, otters, and majestic bald eagles share the area with countless humpback whales, orcas, and porpoises. Encountering the abundant wildlife is exhilarating to children and adults alike.
The landscape of Alaska is as wild as the animals that inhabit the state. Zodiacs and kayaks allow you to navigate through a labyrinth of glaciers, icebergs, fjords, and rivers. Your family will discover isolated inlets only accessible by sea on your small ship cruise. Your Alaska adventure could include trips to the famous Prince William Sound, Glacier Bay, Point Adolphus, and Denali Park where travelers can enjoy river rafting, horseback riding, and hiking in the shadow of Mount McKinley. It is easy to understand why a trip to Alaska is so renowned among seasoned travelers, and your family can experience this celebrated destination together.
Helping with turtle conservation
Mexico is a vast country full of diversity, wonder, and inspiration. Your family can explore Maya ruins, kayak among whales in Baja, taste traditional cuisine during a local festival, hike the Copper Canyon, peruse local markets, or simply unwind on the Caribbean beaches. With so many options, families can create unique travel experiences in Mexico that are customized to personal interests and preferences.
Mexico tours give travelers an opportunity to enjoy the country’s natural beauty and cultural heritage, whether your family is looking for an active trip or prefer a slower pace. Offering so much more than beach vacations, Mexico is a playground for kayaking, biking, hiking, camping, rafting, paddle boarding, and snorkeling. Wildlife watching is another attraction as humpback whales, Manta rays, dolphins, hammerhead sharks, crocodiles, cormorants, and spider monkeys all inhabit the region. Families can make their trip even more meaningful by participating in community efforts, such as the sea turtle conservation project in Baja.

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