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Product Praise: The GoGirl

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GoGirl Motto: Dont Take Life Sitting Down
GoGirl Motto: Don't Take Life Sitting Down

Sorry fellows, but this Product Praise is just for the ladies. There's no real romantic way to describe this product, so I'll dive right into it. Put frankly, the GoGirl allows women to stand up while peeing. There have been a few of these types of products floating around for a while -- the FUD or female urination device -- but I think the GoGirl has finally got it right. Designed for female campers, trekkers, skiers, road-trippers and adventure travelers, this product adds a little grace to the "go." I would have absolutely loved my own personal GoGirl when I was hiking the Inca Trail -- or on a weekend hike in Montana for that matter. I have already put my online order in; my own pink and personal Go-Girl should arrive early next week -- cannot wait! The GoGirl is only $6.99 (or a pack of three for $18.99). It comes with a tissue and biodegradable baggie for disposal or storage (GoGirls are reusable). Check out the GoGirl website, it sold me. Truly, a great product for the girl on the go (pun intended).

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