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Galapagos Islands
• 6 spaces available Dec. 25 departure aboard the Fragata
• 1 space available (male willing to share) Dec. 20 departure aboard the Coral I.

Come see the islands that Charles Darwin made famous! Galapagos travel is cloud nine for every birder and nature lover. Each day on your Galapagos cruise you leave your commodious yacht to explore these uninhabited island treasures. Each island has its own surprises: snorkeling with playful sea lions, admiring the amusing blue-footed Boobies, whale-watching, hiking to lava tunnels on Santa Cruz Island. Join us in Galapagos Islands to visit one of the most undisturbed ecosystems in the world!

Galapagos Holiday Special
For those looking to travel a little earlier, the Eclipse is now offering a 2 for 1 savings on a limited number of 10-day tours! Book soon - we don't know how much longer these spaces will last.

6 spaces available - Nov. 18 departure
6+ spaces available - Nov. 25 departure
6+ spaces available - Dec. 2 departure
6+ spaces available - Dec. 9 departure

Galapagos Multisport 9-day tour
6+ spaces available - Dec. 19 departure
6+ spaces available - Dec. 27 departure

Our new Galapagos Multisport is quickly gaining popularity. Begin your Galapagos travels hiking on San Cristobal Island and continue the journey kayaking, snorkeling, biking and horseback riding throughout the Galapagos where wildlife awaits at every turn, every trailside, every shoreline! An adventurous Galapagos itinerary with unforgettable activities to explore these magical islands.

Costa Rica
Costa Rica's climate and geography summons a welcoming holiday retreat. The region is celebrated for its flourishing tropics and wildlife; the minute you first visit its rainforests alive with howler monkeys, sloths, crocodiles, countless lizards, poison-dart frogs, exotic birds, insects and butterflies - just to name a few - you'll understand why.

Adventure Pacifica 11-day tour
• 6+ spaces available - Dec. 18 departure
• 4 spaces available - Dec. 26 departure
This Costa Rica tour highlights the best of Costa Rica. You'll visit the famed Arenal Volcano, Monteverde Cloudforest, and Manuel Antonio National Park. You will also indulge in whitewater rafting and end the trip with plenty of time at the beach.

Beaches and Rainforest 8-day trip
• 4 spaces available - Dec. 17 departure
• 4 spaces available - Dec. 18 departure

Enjoy this active and varied Costa Rica vacation that is suitable for travelers of almost any age. Plunge down the whitewater of the Pacuare River experience the jungle adventures of Selva Bananito and end with a couple relaxing days on a Caribbean beach.

Earth, Fire & Water 9-day tour
• 4 spaces available - Dec. 22 departure

A naturalist's dream, this Costa Rica tour takes you into the rainforest, cloudforest, and to the foot of Costa Rica's most active volcano. The relaxed pace make it a perfect choice for those desiring to visit the Pacific Coast and enjoy Costa Rica travel at an easy tempo.

Discover Costa Rica 10-day tour
• 4 spaces available - Dec. 19 departure
• 6 spaces available - Dec. 23 departure
• 2 spaces available - Dec. 27 departure

Whitewater rafting on the Pacuare River, biking through tropical plantations, hiking the cloud forest at the Savegre Reserve, strolling along the secluded Pacific coastline - is there anything we forgot on this Costa Rica adventure?

With calm crystal waters, its jungles heavy with wildlife, and a laid-back atmosphere, the country of Belize, itself, appears to be on holiday. Belize's dense rainforests and aquatic beauty would be enough to satisfy any travel critic, but the country spoils visitors with its fascinating history and cultures. Common, traditional, conventional travel? Not in Belize.

Belize Explorer-Ambergris 8-day trip
• 4 spaces available - Dec. 27 departure

Discover the ancient Maya ruins of Tikal, then journey through cathedral shaped caves, horseback ride through the Maya Mountains, and explore winding trails along the Roaring River. End your Belize vacation with two days at our beachside hotel on Ambergris Caye - snorkeling, diving or fishing by day and relaxing to the Caribbean rhythm in the evening.

Reefs and Cayes 8-day tour
• 6+ spaces available - Jan. 1 departure

Spend your days snorkeling and silently gliding among the cayes and coral reef while sea kayaking Belize's crystal Caribbean waters. Pitch your tent each night under the clear starry sky. Most of all, enjoy the relaxed rhythm of this Caribbean escape.

And not to mention…

Machu Picchu by Train
Take a train to the mystifying Inca ruins of Machu Picchu, and wander through village markets where ancient traditions live on in the hearts of the Andean people. We have 7-day tours departing December 19, 23, 24 and 26th.

Inca Pathways
This 14-day tour includes trekking on the Inca Trail, staying with families on Lake Titicaca, and exploring Andean markets. Join us for our Dec 23rd departure!

Panoramic Peru
Explore Peru's greatest highlights - Islas Ballestas and Paracas, the Nazca Lines, Colca Canyon, the islands of Lake Titicaca, Cusco and the Lost City of the Incas--Machu Picchu. This is a 16-day tour, departing Dec 16th.

Ecuador Adventure
On this 9-day Ecuador tour we bike down the sides of Pinchincha Volcano, hike through endangered cloudforest, ride the mighty rapids toward the Pacific and trek through the high Andes. Trip departs on Dec 17 and Dec 23rd.

Bolivia's Chalalan Lodge
Visit Madidi National Park and stay 3 nights in Bolivia's only lodge owned and operated by an indigenous community. Here, you'll learn to see the jungle through the eyes of the Quichua Indians who live in the wildest reaches of the Amazon. Departure dates are flexible - so call today with your dates in mind for this 7-day Bolivia tour!

Guatemala Explorer
Only 4 spaces left on this 9-day tour departing Dec. 31st. Journey into the highlands of Guatemala to discover the modern Mayan culture, steep-sided temples and other vestiges of the Mayan past. Explore colonial cities, lakeside villages, bustling markets and remote rainforest in this complete Guatemala travel adventure.

Like no place else in the world, Antarctica's frozen beauty and wildlife wonders invite the adventurous and the curious. We still have a number of holiday departures available. The vessel, Professor Multanovskiy will take you on an 11-day classic cruise, departing Dec 17th, to the South Shetland Islands and the Antarctic Peninsula. A Dec 26th departure aboard Professor Molchanov takes you on a 12-day cruise. And there is still space on the Akademik Shokalskiy's 11-day cruise departing Dec 19th.

Patagonia's Futalefu
This 9-day whitewater adventure takes you into the heart of spectacular Patagonia and on an electrifying rafting journey. Enjoy days filled with whitewater rafting, horseback riding, fly fishing and more. We have 6+ spaces available for our Dec 21st departure, and 6 spaces available for our Dec 29th departure.

Awesome Argentina
Only 6 spaces left on this 9-day tour! Explore Patagonia at a relaxed pace, taking plenty of time for wildlife and bird-watching. Visit the Peninsula Valdes, Tierra del Fuego National Park, and Perito Moreno Glacier, along with a working sheep ranch. What could make this trip even better? How about a $150 discount for the next person who books on our Dec 24th departure!

Argentina Glacier Adventure
Begin your Argentina 8-day tour with a hike among glaciers and steep granite spires in the famous Fitz Roy Range, taking to the backcountry on a 4-day trek. Explore the stunning Perito Moreno Glacier before heading home from your Patagonia travels. We have 2 spaces remaining (a perfect gift for good ol' Mom and Pop) on our Jan. 1st departure.

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