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Finally in Lima...and Cusco?

Around 5 or 5:30 am we arrived in Lima - about 5+ hours later than planned. Of course, one is always pleased to arrive someplace safely rather than quickly, so my Mom and I were relieved and tired. We stopped in at our hotel across from the airport for a 90-minute nap (refreshing!) and then headed back to the airport after breakfast for our 9:20 am flight to Cusco. After successfully boarding and taking off on time, we arrived to Cusco...or rather the air over Cusco. It appeared we brought the bad weather with us from Atlanta! A storm had set in on the valley city, and with mountains all around, it was too precarious to land. The plane circled for 30 minutes waiting for the weather to clear...and after 30 minutes, there was no choice but to return back to Lima. Now what? Our hotel and reservations were back in Cusco! Oh well...back to the hotel Ramada. At the time we were very disappointed, but later in retrospect we realized it was a serendipitous arrangement. We were so tired from lack of sleep (who can sleep on a plane anyway?) that had we tried to make it at the 11,500 feet altitude of Cusco AND with a walking tour, we likely would have fainted and not enjoyed the city anyway! This allowed much needed rest...and preparation for the early rise the next day...
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