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Morgan Volunteers in Ecuador

When I walked through the doors of the orphanage, it was like stepping into a Dickens novel. If we visualize our poor in the cities and then visualize a situation twice as bad, you will have a picture of the conditions at the orphanage. At San Vincente de Paul orphanage they have more than 70 children ranging from ages 2-16 and over 35 infants. They have three large rooms with row upon row of babies. There are only a few helpers for all these babies, and each baby’s day consists of lying in a bed with a bottle propped against the crib. When Cara Howell, a University of Montana-Missoula student, and I walked into House 5 where we were assigned the little ones ran to us. They wanted to be held and not put down. The other children, regardless of age, wanted to be as close to us as they could get. They are starved for human contact and love. The few Sisters who care for these children are too busy doing the essential chores that need to be done. What struck me hard was the lack of books, paper, and toys for these children. A typical day here consists of chores, such as washing their clothes in a concrete tub with a bar of soap in cold water. Then hanging them on the rooftop, later they just wander around their house. They have nothing to help stimulate their minds or to play with to keep them active. In House 5 the refrigerator is broken, and they continually have spoiled food, which makes the children sick. I asked Sister Rosa, the nun who takes care of the house, what she felt they needed most. She pleaded for a refrigerator and a few Christmas lights. The Christmas lights would be the sum of their Christmas. I will only be here a few more weeks. I would like to appeal to you for your help. Any money raised will be sent over to me before I leave so that I may personally purchase and deliver them to these children, rather than have the funds get lost in administrative bureaucracy. Donations can be made out to Betty Ann Morgan – Orphanage Charity, and dropped off at The Petal Pusher or McKay Real Estate. After “love,” the word “help” is the most beautiful verb in the world. Morgan Returns From Ecuador A HOLIDAY MIRACLE…… “Gracias, Gracias,” came the shouts and smiles from the children at the San Vincent de Paul Orphanage in Quito, Ecuador, Betty Ann Morgan said. The response to my article in The Havre Daily News asking for help for the children at the orphanage was overwhelming. I have never felt more humble and proud to live in the Havre area. We had donations come from Havre, Big Sandy, Lloyd and Cut Bank, totaling approximately $2,700. I was able to purchase and deliver the following items to House No. 5 at the orphanage. A new refrigerator, new TV, VCR, movies, a large blanket for them to sit on (they have no furniture), clothes and toys wrapped for Christmas, a Christmas tree with lights, and many extra essentials they were lacking such as, soap, shampoo, tooth paste, and other things. Sister Rosa cried as she said "I always dreamed of a Miracle like this happening. There are not enough words to thank you." You gave Christmas to many children that would not have had one. The need is great for these abandoned children in Ecuador. I am organizing a non-profit foundation dedicated to funding the needs of these orphans. This foundation will also have a program that will enable those that are interested in volunteering for two or three weeks at the orphanage in Quito with me next year. We hope to accumulate information on the adoption laws and procedures from this country. With sincere thanks, and a Blessed Holiday, Betty Ann Morgan Adventure Life will have more information on the San Vincente Orphanage in the coming months. You may also call us for additional information on the orphanage, as well as Ecuador tours that will allow for travel to the orphange.
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