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Victoria Falls

On Tuesday 8/18, I travelled across the Zambia/Zimbabwe border to view Victoria Falls from the Zimbabwe side.  The process of going through immigration involves a stop on one side and then the other side upon return.  Waiting in line are trucks to have their goods inspected and citizens who are carrying abnormally large loads over their bicycles!  My guide tells me these goods are not available in all countries so people bring them across the border by bike, with oranges being a frequent commodity.

Upon clearing Customs we enter the rainforest are of the park to take in 16 different views of the Falls; all beautiful.  Just past the Main Falls the mists become quite heavy saturating my eyes. face, hair, and clothes so that I can hardly see through my glasses.  A two mile walk is good exercise! 
Along the way my guide asks me what are wages in the U.S.?  I explain about $15 in California and $10 elsewhere.  He asks if that is for a day of work?  I reply that is an hourly wage and he is astounded! The average income in Zimbabwe is $200/month.  He is 70 years old and continues to work because he cannot afford to do otherwise; bread costs $1 per loaf.  Most people work 7 days a week to survive... Americans are so fortunate!
Later that afternoon I enjoyed a helicopter flight over the Falls!  Upon arrival we were greeted with a man enthusiastically playing the xylophone, just as we were with the sunset cruise.  I was joined by an Asian family of Dad, Mom, and very active little girl.  A fun trip with amazing views of Victoria Falls!
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