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Galapagos Cruise aboard the Nemo II, May 2012

Liz Ditz

I HIGHLY recommend the Nemo II. Of course, the crew rotates (the captain told me: 7 weeks on, 2 weeks off) and the tour guide rotates (Morris Garcia is a freelancer, but he really likes working the Nemo II as no matter who\'s on the crew, it's a happy ship). We also lucked out in that our fellow travelers were an exceptionally congenial group, something that's beyond the control of either Adventure Life or the Nemo II organization. I would also recommend this ship for families with children ages say 8 and above--it would make a good 2-family adventure, for example.

The Nemo II was the perfect boat for us, with just 12 passengers. Our cabin, #3, was opposite the kitchen: a happy accident as we both appreciate Latin music, and everybody knows you can't run a good Hispanic kitchen without music. The food was Ecuadorian, which is sort of pan-European with slightly Latino accents. I thought the food was miraculous, given that the kitchen was about 40 square feet. Al and I are omnivores with absolutely no dietary restrictions, so we aren't the ones to ask, but the two vegetarians on our trip said that the staff went above and beyond to meet their needs. Also, one of the travelers became ill the last two days of the trip and the cook prepared special meals for him, as well. My only complaint was too much broccoli and cauliflower (ugh), but salad was also served at every meal featuring the cruciferous veggies so I was never stinted of the green stuff.

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