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Cruising the Napo

The Manatee
The Manatee
The next five days are spent cruising the Napo, visiting indigenous settlements along the river. Taking canoe excursions up tributaries, and walks through the rain forest. At one stop, our guide Ernesto informs us that we're going to go swimming in Piranha Lake. OK, sure, we'll do that. Now Ernesto is a fairly big guy, so I decide to let him go in first. If the piranhas don't attack him first, I'm thinking we should be ok. Ernesto dives in and starts swimming around. After five minutes he's still in one piece so in I go. The water is a tea color from the run-off and the temperature is just about perfect. About an hour later it's time to get back in our canoe and head back to the Manatee and another great meal. By the way, the food on board was great, I'm very pleased. I'm definitely recommending this boat to my friends.

(Photo 5: Here is a shot of Ernesto diving into the piranha-infested waters - good luck Ernesto.)

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