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High Wire Walk

Who'd have thought we'd see nearly 50 different colorful singing birds by noon. The clouds and occasional sprinkles helped extend the birds morning activities while we peered down from the cable-tower walk above. I can see how some people would worry about their safety walking a hundred feet or more up across a simple cable bridge. I had to resist swaying the cables as others crossed. There's something about causing panic in other people's expressions that has always facinated me - must be the 7 year old I never grew out of.

Over 50 birds in just a few hours. The fun part was being the first in the group to catch a glimpse and point out a 'new' one. So while others gazed at the most recent find, I was off looking towards another treetop.

The rest of the day had it's events (unbelieveable heavy downpour after lunch, restful nap, butterfly breeding pens, scrumpious meals, and a peaceful canoe ride with tiny biting ants crawling all over me) but none compared to the treetop bird gazing.

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