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Kicker Rock snorkle / Sea Lion beach

I thought I signed up for a cruise, why am I paddling again?
I thought I signed up for a cruise, why am I paddling again?
Sunny morning so I don't mind hanging out while Alfredo gets things organized for the boat ride out for the snorkel destination - Kicker Rock.

Along the way we slow along rocky shore to spot boobies, frigates, sea lions and marine iguana. High clouds roll in by the time we reach the destination. One spin around the rock shows there's more going on than shear rock face - Nesting and relaxing birds (my mother kept the list, I just watched).

Over the gunwale and through a tunnel in the rock - I'm glad I wore my wetsuit. The water is warm but not quite warm enough for long term immersion. The cliff face teams with 1000 times more life than above. Each 'level' deeper there are new and different life to meet. Colors are of course muted due to the overcast sky but still brilliant. I wish for dive gear to get deeper and closer to the group of patrolling sharks 50 ft or so below.

After a brief lunch in a cove we disembark to the sandy beach teeming with sea lions. Swimming here was not an option as the dominant male barked his disapproval of our presence while parralleling the shore keeping his harem, offspring and us in line.

Mothers and pups pretty much ignored our intrusion. Some of the youngsters found us a curiosity worth investigating so we were the ones backing away.

A relatively early dinner left time to walk the village before the shops closed.

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