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Canopy Walkway and more Rainforest Discovery

Exploring the areas around Sacha Lodge
Exploring the areas around Sacha Lodge
No problem getting up at five. However a little nervous about going up on the wakway, especially after some brave women I met said it was scary.

I ate a light breakfast, filled up my water bottles and off we went. Good thing we got an early start, since it was hundred and climbing. The humidity was also very high. Our clothes were soaked by the time we walked through the jungle to the walkway.

Wow what a sight, I got dizzy just looking up. I took pictures of me overcoming my fears and dancing up there. It was a very proud moment for me and my two daughters were very impressed, they said no way would they do it. After all of that the bird viewing was sparse since it was so hot, the birds stayed down low in the rainforest.

After about two hours we decided to head down, it was getting hotter. Wendy was very interested in a tree called the Dragon's Blood. The guide found one and cut a slit in the bark. The sap was red, he rubbed it on a cut I had on my hand. It turned white as he rubbed it and the cut vanished. WE HAVE TO SAVE OUR RAIN FORESTS.

When we got back to the lodge, the cool waters of the lake called. I then headed to my hammock and a refreshing nap.

At four we again headed out in the canoe to see more wonders. More monkeys and a pygmy kingfisher the smallest kingfisher in the world. Lots of beautiful plants and awesome termite nests. They have a special relationship with parrots. The parrots dig an opening in the nest and lay their eggs. It keeps them warm and the termites don't bother them. The parrots supply the termites with droppings.

Of course we headed back for another wonderful dinner. At night we would once again head out on the lake. Sad since it is our last night at the lodge.

The last night at the lodge turned out to be quite a night. After dinner Wendy, David and I with our wonderful guides headed out onto the lake. The lightening and thunder we saw was mind boggling. I was a little concerned but Julio said not to worry that the storm was far off and wouldn't arrive till four a.m.. Well it sure seemed near and I never seen such a light show and I have seen many.

We also got to see the creatures of the night -- bats. One that we saw is a fisher bat the only species to fish. Sure enough we saw him dive down and get a fish.
After returning to my room, I finished packing and off to sleep I went being serenaded by the sounds of the jungle.

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