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Day 5

With a small crocodile
With a small crocodile
Learned of village lore today - it seems that once a year the pink dolphin comes ashore, disguised as a sailor. His little white sailor hat covering the blow hole on top of his head. The dastardly fiend then seduces an unknowing girl in the village during their Festival and leaves her with child. This is the explaination after Festival as to how young women turn up pregnant! Wish I had known that story, could of come in handy if you know what I mean.

While visiting locals, observed a couple of bachelors living in their nice little pad. There was quite a bit of excitement from the men in our group when they observed the art work upon the stone walls. It seems that there are some naked women "spirits" or something that get to ride on the backs of jaguars. Atleast that's one mans fantasy.

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