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Hangaroa Eco Village & Spa

Nayara Hangaroa

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The luxurious Hangaroa Eco Village & Spa is located on the remote Easter Island. Manufactured with natural fine materials such as cypress trunks, clay, and volcanic rock, the Eco Village offers a unique immersion into the rapa nui habitat. Located on the main coastal road of Hanga Roa, the Eco Village is less than a mile from the airport and just a few short steps from the center of the town, which allows travelers to immerse themselves into the local community.

Guests may choose to either stay in a luxurious Kainga Room, which are spacious and ideal for young couples, or one of the Ma'unga Suites, which feature curved and double-height ceilings, guest bathroom, and larger open room. Each of the guest rooms feature top-of-the-line amenities and are very comfortable. The rooms offer all the comforts of home while exploring the mysterious Easter Island.

Hangaroa Eco Village & Spa also offers the Manavai Spa, which treats guests to a relaxing, innovative, and enriching gamma of therapies which are based around the island's natural products. The spa aims for the renewal of the soul and body. *Locally built sofa bed *Native-crafted clay tub *Shower *Telephone *Music system *Internet connection *Locally built desk *Safe *Minibar *Private terrace overlooking the ocean *3 meeting rooms *Pool

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Hangaroa Eco Village & Spa Hangaroa Eco Village & Spa Hangaroa Eco Village & Spa Hangaroa Eco Village & Spa Hangaroa Eco Village & Spa Hangaroa Eco Village & Spa Hangaroa Eco Village & Spa Hangaroa Eco Village & Spa Hangaroa Eco Village & Spa The modern and uniquely designed bathrooms Hangaroa Eco Village & Spa Hangaroa Eco Village & Spa Hangaroa Eco Village & Spa Hangaroa Eco Village & Spa Hangaroa Eco Village & Spa's luxurious suite Hangaroa Eco Village & Spa Hangaroa Eco Village & Spa Hangaroa Eco Village & Spa Hangaroa Eco Village & Spa One of the rooms at the Hangaroa Eco Village & Spa Hangaroa Eco Village & Spa Curl up in comfort on your Easter Island tour with a stay at Hanga Roa EcoVillage & Spa Hangaroa Eco Village & Spa One of the rooms with a view at the Hangaroa Eco Village & Spa Hangaroa Eco Village & Spa Hangaroa Eco Village & Spa


Hangaroa Eco Village & Spa
•49 sq. m./527 sq ft
•1 King or 2 twin beds with a sofa bed
•Shower and Bathtub
•Mini Bar
Maunga Suite
Ma'unga Suite
•74 sq mts/796 sq ft
•King Bed plus 2 Sofa Beds
•Living Room
•Shower and Bathtub
•Private Outdoor Terrace and sitting with Ocean Views
•Mini Bar


Hangaroa Eco Village & Spa

Nayara Hangaroa Easter Island

5 Day Itinerary
  • See the superb Moai Stone Statues
  • Discover beautiful volcanoes
Archaeological Site Visits, Land Tours
Activity Level:
Tour Details

Regular Excursions

We will start the afternoon by discovering one of the most emblematic places of Rapa Nui, Rano Raraku, the main quarry, in which the Moai were carved. In this impressive place there are 397 Moai in different stages of construction.  During this tour, in addition to unveiling the great mystery of how these were carved, we will learn about the different theories of transport of these huge rocks to the various platforms that are around the entire island. 
Then, the excursion continues to one of the most famous points of the island and of the entire Polynesian triangle,  therefore, prepare your cameras for the best photos, the  Ahu Tongariki ceremonial structure, a platform of approximately 220 meters that has 15 large Moai restored on it.

Duration: 3 hrs. approx. 
Departure Time: 15:00  
Difficulty: Medium
Important Note: Walking Stick 

We will start the morning by visiting the first arrival points of the Polynesian sailors to the Island, starting with the story of the arrival of Hotu Matu'a on the renowned Anakena beach, which in addition to surprising us with its natural beauty, tells us an important part from the history of the first civilization of Rapa Nui. Continuing the excursion,  we will go to the mythical pink sand beach called Ovahe to visit an ancestral crematorium and enjoy the special beauty of the place.

Finally, we will finish the morning in Te Pito Kura, an area in which the largest Moai is found to be transported from the  Rano Raraku quarry and be erected on a platform. Next to it,  we will pass by Te Pito Kura, a stone with a curious formation and energy, full of the traditional oral myths of the island. 

In the event of bad weather, difficult access or safety, we will replace the visit to Ovahe with a guided tour in a  sector covered with petroglyphs that take us back to other times, Papa Vaka.

Duration: 3 hrs. approx
Departure Time: 9:30 AM 
Difficulty: Easy 

This excursion invites you to know one of the most majestic places in Rapa Nui. In this unmissable, you will not be able to stop being impressed by the immensity and beauty of the crater of the Rano Kau Volcano. Here we invite you to discover the generosities that this incredible place has and  how, to this day, it is a source of wealth for the locals. Then we will continue to Orongo, a ceremonial village where the extraordinary Tangata Manu competition was held. Prepare the cameras and zoom, and imagine the brave and agile competitors. We invite you to discover and understand this competition and its political and religious importance. In this ancestral village you will also know the type of construction of the houses of the time, Hare Keho, that are only present in this place and that is the inspiration for the architecture of our Hotel, Nayara Hangaroa. To finish we will move to  Vinapu, a place where you can see a different type of platform from those visited on the rest of the Island, one of the many archaeological mysteries that the island hides. In addition to visiting one of the few female Moai presents on the Island.

Duration: 3 hrs. approx
Departure Time: 15:30  
Difficulty: Easy 

We depart in the morning to the east of Hanga Roa to visit Puna Pau, an archaeological site where a type of red volcanic slag is found, called Hani Hani, the raw material for the Pukaos, the famous headdress that they carved with great care for later put it on the head of the Moai. 

To continue with the exploration, we will carry on towards  Ahu Akivi, a curious platform where only 7 Moai are located on the island that are positioned facing the Sea,  here we will discover all their history and the different theories that explain their position. To end the activity,  we will take a short walk to the Vaiteka sector, the magical and impressive caves, which will take us to another mysterious part of the history of Rapa Nui. 

Duration: 3 hrs. approx. 
Departure Time: 9:30 AM  
Difficulty: Medium
Important Note: Walking Stick & Flashlight 

We will begin this activity by going directly to the  Sebastián Englert Anthropological Museum, an ideal place to begin to delve into the history of Rapa Nui, its ancestral ceremonies, the meaning of the Moai and the ancient local customs. Then we will continue on our way to  Ahu Tahai, an archaeological complex made up of three ceremonial platforms, without a doubt a must to connect with the island, in addition to being a site that keeps incredible archaeological remains that will allow us to know in situ an important part of the history of Rapa Nui. 

To end the activity, we will visit different important points of the town of Hanga Roa. We invite you to discover and experience how day-to-day life is lived in Rapa Nui, so you will realize how special this small and cozy town is.  Walking through the streets we will have the opportunity to see some places of tourist interest, such as the market,  the church, and different craft stalls, among others.

Duration: 3 hrs. approx
Departure Time:
Tuesday to Friday  9:30 AM 
Saturday and Sunday  15:00  
 Difficulty: Easy

Rapa Nui Handcraft 
We will take a tour to get to know some of the star products of Rapa Nui, starting the morning with a  visit to a beekeeping family who will teach us the process of growing and harvesting Rapa Nui honey,  recognized as one of the healthiest’s honey in the world. 
We will continue our journey to the manufacture plant of the first beer made in Rapa Nui, "Mahina", where we can learn about the production process of beer and obviously delight in its exquisite flavor. 

Duration: 3 hrs. approx.
Departure Time: 9:30 AM
Difficulty: Easy


Complimentary Activities (*Add-ons for Dream and Discover Programs)

If you want to know Rapa Nui in a unique way, you can venture together with our team of tour guides on a trek through the most isolated areas of Rapa Nui, a perfect complement to add sports and physical activity to your cultural agenda. 

You can choose from 3 options, the one that best suits the experience you want to live. 
POIKE: One of the three main volcanoes that originated on the island, where you can find unique archaeological remains such as Vai a Heva and enter the famous cave of the virgins or Ana or Keke. 
TEREVAKA: Trekking through Mount Terevaka where you can reach the highest point of the Island and enjoy a 360 °  view of the entire island of Rapa Nui. 
CAVES: A circuit in which you can discover the different  caves and caverns that are hidden in the places of Rapa Nui,  starting at Ana Kakenga, following the path to Ana Te Pora to finish in the famous cave of plane trees or Ana Te Pahu 

Duration: 3 hrs. approx. 
Departure Time: 9:30 AM & 15:00  
Difficulty: High
Important Note:  Walking Stick & Flashlight 

One of the unmissable events if you visit Rapa Nui is undoubtedly to observe the sun rising behind the 15 Moai,  we will move very early to the east side of the Island where we can sit and wait for the sunrise with a delicious cup of coffee. 

Departure time: Confirm time at the  excursion desk 2 hrs. approx.
Difficulty: Easy 

Undoubtedly one of the most famous activities if you visit  Rapa Nui is to contemplate the sunset in Ahu Tahai, where  you will witness one of the best sunsets in the world, here  you will be able to appreciate how the sun hides behind the  Moai with the spectacular ocean peaceful background. 

Duration: 2 hrs. approx
Departure Time: Confirm time at the  excursion desk 
Difficulty: Easy 

If you are looking to spend a moment of relaxation under the palm trees of the beautiful Anakena beach, this is your chance!  
We will take you directly to Anakena where you can enjoy some time to yourself, surrounded by white sand and crystal clear waters. Thanks to the subtropical climate of Rapa Nui,  this activity applies throughout the year, you already know it.  Prepare your swimsuit! 

Duration: 2 hrs. approx. 
Departure Time : 9:30 AM &15:00  
Difficulty: Easy
Important Note: Swimsuit Request your towel at the Reception 

Through this walk in the open sea you can discover the immensity of the Pacific Ocean in its fullness, in addition to enjoying, if the maritime conditions allow it, an entertaining snorkeling activity, always guided by expert divers who will accompany you at all times.
Duration: 2 hrs. approx. 
Departure Time: Confirm time at the  excursion desk 
Difficulty: Easy
Important Note : Swimsuit Request your towel at the Reception 

If you like sports and want to live a different experience,  you will love this route! We will start pedaling directly from the Hotel Nayara Hangaroa to take the route that connects the town of Hanga Roa with Anakena, after  30 minutes of gentle pedaling we will arrive at a  detour where we will take an alternative path to reach the Henua purified mineral water treatment plant, where we can refresh ourselves with the purest water in Rapa Nui,  in addition to learning about the production process. 
Then we will continue heading to the coast directly towards the Vaihu sector where our transport will wait for us to take us back to the hotel. 

Duration: 3 hrs. approx.
Departure Time: 9:30 AM or 15:00 
Difficulty: Medium 

If you are a traveler who likes to explore destinations independently, you will have the opportunity to change an excursion for the use of 3 hours of ATV, with which you can travel and discover the island at your own pace. 

Duration: 3 hrs. approx. 
Departure Time: Confirm time at the  excursion desk  
Difficulty: Medium
Important Note 
The helmet will be  delivered at the time of departure 
Activity does not have a guide; you must have a driver's license 

Other Activities

One of the most interesting circuits to travel is the Island's North coast. For those who want to see something surprising and little visited, this is the excursion they were looking for. Prepare your legs, since it is about a 6-hour walk.  This begins in Ahu Akivi and goes through archaeological sites little visited, therefore, they manage to maintain their history and magic, it is only possible to access this area on foot or on horseback. Finally, it ends in the Anakena 
beach sector, where you return by vehicle.

Duration: 2 hrs. approx. 
Departure Time: 9:30 AM 
Difficulty: Medium-High

This incredible destination also has beautiful underwater landscapes, together with excellent visibility, it allows you to easily observe a great diversity of fish, some of them unique to this area of the Pacific Ocean, and also sea turtles.  

Transfers are included 
Equipment necessary for this sport are included 
Approximate duration of 1.5 hours

It is allowed to change the half-day excursion into the Full or  Private Experience program, paying the difference additionally 

Rapa Nui is recognized worldwide for its waves, therefore,  if the sea conditions are favorable and you like adventure,  this activity is part of a must-see. Learn to surf with an excellent instructor who will accompany you during this sporting activity.  

Transfers are included 
Equipment necessary for this sport are included Approximate duration of 2 to 3 hours 

It is allowed to change the half-day excursion into the Full or  Private Experience program, paying the difference additionally 

Can you imagine carving your own Moai? It would be a very nice memory, right? This Workshop together with a local craftsman will learn in detail the artisanal technique of carving. In addition, this activity takes place in the gardens of a local family. At the end of the class, you will take a great memory. 

Transfers are included 
Materials needed for this practice are included  (tools, stone and wood) 
Approximate duration 2 to 3 hours

Here you will know and learn about the preparation of typical Rapa Nui dishes. In the home of a local family, you will learn and taste delicious dishes such as: Umu or Curanto,  Grilled fish, mashed Taro and Sweet Potato, and the classic fish Ceviche. In this activity, we include all the highest quality ingredients and all the implements to be able to taste all this. 

Transfers are included. 
Materials needed for this practice are included Approximate duration 2 to 3 hours.

This activity is about traditional Polynesian body painting.  It is an ancient art, which reaches its maximum development and artistic expression in the ancient world. This "body  painting", which over time became the "tattoo", fulfills  an aesthetic and social role linked to the gods, spirits,  legends and the daily life experiences of the Polynesians 

Transfers are included 
Materials needed for this practice are included (tools, stone and wood) 
Approximate duration 2 to 3 hours


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Beyond expectations! Then again we weren't sure what to expect. Lovely stay at the lodge, met other like-minded travelers (many had their trips planned by Adventure Life) and the owner was a gracious hostess. It felt like you were one happy family, visiting with a favorite aunt.
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