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Aria Amazon Indoor lounge on board the Aria Amazon Aria Amazon Outdoor lounge on the Aria Amazon Outside deck of the Aria Amazon Aria Amazon Take a guided walking tour in the Amazon Take a skiff excursion on the Amazon river
A monkey in the Amazon

Luxury Amazon Discovery

4 Day Itinerary aboard Aria Amazon
  • Visit the Manatee Rescue Center
  • Journey through Jungle of Mirrors
  • Discover the town of Nauta
Fishing, Kayaking, Local Market, Rainforest Exploration, River Cruise, Village Visit, Wildlife Viewing
Activity Level:
Join the Aria Amazon in the remote colonial city of Iquitos, Peru for this 4-day luxury Amazon River Cruise. Journey along the Ucayali River, the Amazon’s largest tributary, as well as other neighboring rivers (the Yarapa and Dorado), each one rich in vibrant wildlife and thriving …
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Canoeing down the Amazon

Luxury Amazon Expedition

8 Day Itinerary aboard Aria Amazon
  • Visit the town of Nauta
  • Explore Pacaya Samiria Reserve
  • Sail on Dorado and Maranon Rivers
  • Photograph Amazon dolphins
Fishing, Kayaking, Local Market, Rainforest Exploration, River Cruise, Village Visit, Wildlife Viewing
Activity Level:
Join the Aria Amazon on this 8-day Amazon River Expedition Cruise and experience a luxurious and comprehensive journey among the Amazon River’s three powerful tributaries. Skiff the Yacapana Isles, meet gray and pink freshwater dolphins, visit Madgalena Village,andprobe deep within the Nauta …
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Luxury Amazon Explorer

5 Day Itinerary aboard Aria Amazon
  • Explore the black water river
  • Watch the famous pink dolphins
  • Fish for ferocious piranhas
Fishing, Kayaking, Local Market, Rainforest Exploration, River Cruise, Village Visit, Wildlife Viewing
Activity Level:
Embark on this 5-day luxury cruise aboard the Aria Amazon. Begin in the remote colonial city of Iquitos, Peru and voyage into the Amazon rainforest. Enjoy remote shores by skiff, go piranha fishing, trek into the dense jungle in search of Amazon monkeys, watch pink dolphins at play, and enjoy …
Cruise Details
Nov 228Luxury Amazon Expedition
Nov 224Luxury Amazon Discovery
Nov 255Luxury Amazon Explorer
Nov 298Luxury Amazon Expedition
Nov 294Luxury Amazon Discovery
Dec 025Luxury Amazon Explorer
Dec 068Luxury Amazon Expedition
Dec 064Luxury Amazon Discovery
Dec 095Luxury Amazon Explorer
Dec 138Luxury Amazon Expedition
Dec 134Luxury Amazon Discovery
Dec 165Luxury Amazon Explorer
Dec 208Luxury Amazon Expedition
Dec 204Luxury Amazon Discovery
Dec 235Luxury Amazon Explorer
Dec 278Luxury Amazon Expedition
Dec 274Luxury Amazon Discovery
Dec 305Luxury Amazon Explorer
Jan 034Luxury Amazon Discovery
Jan 095Luxury Amazon Explorer
Jan 165Luxury Amazon Explorer
Jan 205Luxury Amazon Explorer
Jan 248Luxury Amazon Expedition
Jan 244Luxury Amazon Discovery
Jan 275Luxury Amazon Explorer
Jan 318Luxury Amazon Expedition
Jan 314Luxury Amazon Discovery
Feb 035Luxury Amazon Explorer
Feb 078Luxury Amazon Expedition
Feb 074Luxury Amazon Discovery
Feb 105Luxury Amazon Explorer
Feb 144Luxury Amazon Discovery
Feb 148Luxury Amazon Expedition
Feb 175Luxury Amazon Explorer
Feb 214Luxury Amazon Discovery
Feb 218Luxury Amazon Expedition
Feb 245Luxury Amazon Explorer
Feb 284Luxury Amazon Discovery
Feb 288Luxury Amazon Expedition
Mar 025Luxury Amazon Explorer
Mar 064Luxury Amazon Discovery
Mar 068Luxury Amazon Expedition
Mar 095Luxury Amazon Explorer
Mar 134Luxury Amazon Discovery
Mar 138Luxury Amazon Expedition
Mar 165Luxury Amazon Explorer
Mar 204Luxury Amazon Discovery
Mar 208Luxury Amazon Expedition
Mar 235Luxury Amazon Explorer
Mar 274Luxury Amazon Discovery
Mar 278Luxury Amazon Expedition
Mar 305Luxury Amazon Explorer
Apr 038Luxury Amazon Expedition
Apr 034Luxury Amazon Discovery
Apr 065Luxury Amazon Explorer
Apr 108Luxury Amazon Expedition
Apr 104Luxury Amazon Discovery
Apr 135Luxury Amazon Explorer
Apr 178Luxury Amazon Expedition
Apr 174Luxury Amazon Discovery
Apr 205Luxury Amazon Explorer
Apr 248Luxury Amazon Expedition
Apr 244Luxury Amazon Discovery
Apr 275Luxury Amazon Explorer
May 018Luxury Amazon Expedition
May 014Luxury Amazon Discovery
May 045Luxury Amazon Explorer
May 088Luxury Amazon Expedition
May 084Luxury Amazon Discovery
May 115Luxury Amazon Explorer
May 158Luxury Amazon Expedition
May 154Luxury Amazon Discovery
May 185Luxury Amazon Explorer
May 228Luxury Amazon Expedition
May 224Luxury Amazon Discovery
May 255Luxury Amazon Explorer
May 294Luxury Amazon Discovery
Jun 155Luxury Amazon Explorer
Jun 194Luxury Amazon Discovery
Jun 198Luxury Amazon Expedition
Jun 225Luxury Amazon Explorer
Jun 264Luxury Amazon Discovery
Jun 268Luxury Amazon Expedition
Jun 295Luxury Amazon Explorer
Jul 034Luxury Amazon Discovery
Jul 038Luxury Amazon Expedition
Jul 065Luxury Amazon Explorer
Jul 104Luxury Amazon Discovery
Jul 108Luxury Amazon Expedition
Jul 135Luxury Amazon Explorer
Jul 174Luxury Amazon Discovery
Jul 178Luxury Amazon Expedition
Jul 205Luxury Amazon Explorer
Jul 244Luxury Amazon Discovery
Jul 248Luxury Amazon Expedition
Jul 275Luxury Amazon Explorer
Jul 314Luxury Amazon Discovery
Jul 318Luxury Amazon Expedition
Aug 035Luxury Amazon Explorer
Aug 074Luxury Amazon Discovery
Aug 078Luxury Amazon Expedition
Aug 105Luxury Amazon Explorer
Aug 148Luxury Amazon Expedition
Aug 144Luxury Amazon Discovery
Aug 175Luxury Amazon Explorer
Aug 218Luxury Amazon Expedition
Aug 214Luxury Amazon Discovery
Aug 245Luxury Amazon Explorer
Aug 288Luxury Amazon Expedition
Aug 284Luxury Amazon Discovery
Aug 315Luxury Amazon Explorer
Sep 048Luxury Amazon Expedition
Sep 044Luxury Amazon Discovery
Sep 075Luxury Amazon Explorer
Sep 118Luxury Amazon Expedition
Sep 114Luxury Amazon Discovery
Sep 145Luxury Amazon Explorer
Sep 188Luxury Amazon Expedition
Sep 184Luxury Amazon Discovery
Sep 215Luxury Amazon Explorer
Sep 258Luxury Amazon Expedition
Sep 254Luxury Amazon Discovery
Sep 285Luxury Amazon Explorer
Oct 028Luxury Amazon Expedition
Oct 024Luxury Amazon Discovery
Oct 055Luxury Amazon Explorer
Oct 094Luxury Amazon Discovery
Oct 098Luxury Amazon Expedition
Oct 125Luxury Amazon Explorer
Oct 164Luxury Amazon Discovery
Oct 168Luxury Amazon Expedition
Oct 195Luxury Amazon Explorer
Oct 234Luxury Amazon Discovery
Oct 238Luxury Amazon Expedition
Oct 265Luxury Amazon Explorer
Oct 304Luxury Amazon Discovery
Oct 308Luxury Amazon Expedition
Nov 025Luxury Amazon Explorer
Nov 064Luxury Amazon Discovery
Nov 068Luxury Amazon Expedition
Nov 095Luxury Amazon Explorer
Nov 134Luxury Amazon Discovery
Nov 138Luxury Amazon Expedition
Nov 165Luxury Amazon Explorer
Nov 204Luxury Amazon Discovery
Nov 208Luxury Amazon Expedition
Nov 235Luxury Amazon Explorer
Nov 274Luxury Amazon Discovery
Nov 278Luxury Amazon Expedition
Nov 305Luxury Amazon Explorer
Dec 048Luxury Amazon Expedition
Dec 044Luxury Amazon Discovery
Dec 075Luxury Amazon Explorer
Dec 118Luxury Amazon Expedition
Dec 114Luxury Amazon Discovery
Dec 145Luxury Amazon Explorer
Dec 188Luxury Amazon Expedition
Dec 184Luxury Amazon Discovery
Dec 215Luxury Amazon Explorer
Dec 258Luxury Amazon Expedition
Dec 254Luxury Amazon Discovery
Dec 285Luxury Amazon Explorer
Jan 018Luxury Amazon Expedition
Jan 014Luxury Amazon Discovery
Jan 045Luxury Amazon Explorer
Jan 088Luxury Amazon Expedition
Jan 084Luxury Amazon Discovery
Jan 115Luxury Amazon Explorer
Jan 158Luxury Amazon Expedition
Jan 154Luxury Amazon Discovery
Jan 185Luxury Amazon Explorer
Jan 228Luxury Amazon Expedition
Jan 224Luxury Amazon Discovery
Jan 255Luxury Amazon Explorer
Jan 294Luxury Amazon Discovery
Mar 015Luxury Amazon Explorer
Mar 054Luxury Amazon Discovery
Mar 058Luxury Amazon Expedition
Mar 085Luxury Amazon Explorer
Mar 124Luxury Amazon Discovery
Mar 128Luxury Amazon Expedition
Mar 155Luxury Amazon Explorer
Mar 194Luxury Amazon Discovery
Mar 198Luxury Amazon Expedition
Mar 225Luxury Amazon Explorer
Mar 264Luxury Amazon Discovery
Mar 268Luxury Amazon Expedition
Mar 295Luxury Amazon Explorer
Apr 024Luxury Amazon Discovery
Apr 028Luxury Amazon Expedition
Apr 055Luxury Amazon Explorer
Apr 094Luxury Amazon Discovery
Apr 098Luxury Amazon Expedition
Apr 125Luxury Amazon Explorer
Apr 164Luxury Amazon Discovery
Apr 168Luxury Amazon Expedition
Apr 195Luxury Amazon Explorer
Apr 234Luxury Amazon Discovery
Apr 238Luxury Amazon Expedition
Apr 265Luxury Amazon Explorer
Apr 308Luxury Amazon Expedition
Apr 304Luxury Amazon Discovery
Max Passengers: 32
Ship Type: River Cruise Ship

The Aria Amazon is a true luxury cruise ship on the northern Amazon River in Peru and was custom built for launch in 2011. Combining the best of eco-tourism with luxury, the Aria Amazon offers an extraordinary level of comfort for her 32 guests.

The Aria Amazon can accommodate a maximum of 32 cruise ship guests plus crew. This luxury cruise ship is the perfect size to sail along the Amazon River, providing extremely comfortable lounge, dining and sleeping accommodations and modern navigation technologies and standards for cruise ship travel and safety on the water.

The Aria Amazon's sixteen oversized cruise ship suites feature en suite sitting areas and generous outward-facing picture-windows with panoramic Amazon river views. Each of the handsomely decorated, air-conditioned cruise ship suites measure approximately 250 square feet. Four of these suites can be interconnected, to cater to families.

The Aria Amazon Features
- Exclusive staff to guest ratio of 1-1 on the river
- Chef, Pedro Miguel Schiaffino
- Small excursion groups limited to 8 guests per guide
- Custom-designed, ergonomic, 4 private tenders
- Fully refurbished interiors in 2015 June
- Kayaking, biking and fishing excursions
- Video-on-demand entertainment system onboard
- On-board paramedic
- Modern, state-of-art, award-winning ship designs
- Interconnecting family suites

Public Areas
- Indoor Bar
- Lounge
- Dining Room
- Outside Lounge
- Outdoor Jacuzzi
- Exercise Room
- Massage Room
- Observation Deck
- Boutique

Ship Specifications
Capacity: 32 passengers (additional accommodation for 1 child in each cabin)
- Length: 147 feet / 45 meters
- Beam: 29.5 feet / 9 meters
- Draft: 5 feet / 1.5 meters
- Lifejackets: In all cabins
- Crew: 24
- Guides: 4
- Launch boats: 4, each with a capacity of 8-10 passengers, guide, and launch pilot
- Cruising Speed: 10 knots
- Cruise Director and Paramedic
- Two engines, generators, and hot water plants
- USCG-approved sanitation system with state-of-the-art toilets
- Automated defibrillator and certified staff onboard
- Ship Owners P&I Club Protection and Indemnity Certification
Master Suite on board the Aria Amazon
Design Suite - First Deck
Averaging 250 sq. ft. Eight suites on the first deck featuring two twin beds convertible into a California King bed, floor to ceiling panoramic windows, air conditioning, en suite sitting area, internal communications system, bathroom with shower, toilet, sink, cabinet, hairdryer, hot water around the clock and a basket of toiletries.
Suite on board the Aria Amazon
Design Suite - Second Deck
Averaging 250 sq. ft. Eight suites on the second deck featuring two twin beds convertible into a California King bed, floor to ceiling panoramic windows, air conditioning, en suite sitting area, internal communications system, bathroom with shower, toilet, sink, cabinet, hairdryer, hot water around the clock and a basket of toiletries.
Aria Amazon Deck Plan
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