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At a Glance: Italy is one of the most visited countries in the world but during the summer it can get crowded and hot. Although there is more rainfall during the shoulder seasons due to lower rates and fewer crowds it is widely considered as the best time to go.
-High Season: Summer (June, July, and August)
-Shoulder Season: Spring (April and May) and Fall (September and October)
-Ski Season: Winter (Late November, December, January, February, and early March)

So What is the Best Time to Travel?

The shoulder seasons of Spring (April and May) and Fall (September and October) are considered the ideal times to visit Italy because of the excellent weather and fewer crowds than during Summer.

Summer (June, July, and August) is good for people who like long hot days and don’t mind crowds. 

Winter (Late November, December, January, February, and early March) is for those who don’t mind cold/freezing weather and/or would wish to partake in winter sports. Also, the crowds during the wintertime in the cities are small if present at all. 
There is no definite best time to travel for all tourists as individuals have different preferences regarding the weather, crowd size, and the activities they are looking to do.

Planning Ahead 
Italy is such a popular destination for tourism that if you are looking to get the best hotels in the main cities like Venice, Rome, and Florence planning ahead 4 to 6 months in advance is a good idea as they get fully booked around the summertime. Also consider buying all the tickets for activities such as concerts, museums, and tickets into historical buildings before the trip as those get fully booked at some points during the high season. If this seems like a lot of trouble for you, contact Adventure Life, our travel experts can help you plan out your trip months in advance!

June, July, and August

Summer is considered the high season for Italy with the large masses of tourists it receives every year the main cities like Venice, Rome, and Florence it can get very crowded, hot, and humid. The south of Italy during the summertime is typically very hot, which can be an issue for certain individuals. To avoid mass crowds and extreme heat traveling to smaller towns on the coast or the Alps of Italy is a good idea.

Late March, April, and May 
The springtime could be argued as one of the best times to travel to Italy as it is a shoulder season for tourism which means that the rates and the crowds will likely be lower in the popular cities. Not only does it have all these benefits, but the springtime also has less rainfall compared to the fall in some regions such as Florence and Sardinia. The temperatures do remain the same during the spring and the fall in Italy and are considered very comfortable so both should be a great option. 

September, and October
The fall is an amazing time to travel to Italy. All the large crowds of people from the hot summer are gone but there are still tourists around. A comfortable temperature can take on with a considerable amount of rainfall, for most days during this time of the year it would be advised to carry sunglasses around and an umbrella or rain jacket. Additionally, the fares usually go down a bit during this time of the year.

Late November, December, January, February, and early March
.There are very few cruises during the months of winter in Italy. In fact, there are none available during the months of December, January, or February due to the poor weather for cruising, but these months are the best for skiing in the Alps. If cold weather isn’t an issue, winter can actually be a great time to travel as there is little tourism around this time of the year and the crowds would be at a minimum, if present at all. Winter is also a good time for cultural events like the Christmas markets, new years, and Carnevale. 

The ideal time to travel to Rome would be during the shoulder seasons as the summer months can get very hot and especially crowded since Rome is one of the main tourist destinations of Italy. There is a little less rainfall during the spring compared to the fall, but they are both great options as the differences are small. Skiing is available, driving up to the resorts can take around 2 hours. 

Florence is another main tourist destination for Italy which makes it super crowded and hot during the summer. The shoulder seasons would definitely be a great option, especially in the springtime since it has lower precipitation levels than during the fall. Skiing resorts are on average a two-hour drive away from Florence. 

The most ideal time to visit Venice would be around the springtime in the first half of May since the weather is at its best and the crowds will still be moderate. During the summertime, it can get very hot, humid, and crowded which can turn into a negative experience. The fall is also a great time to travel to Venice as the crowds are smaller and the rainfall isn’t any worse than the summertime. 

The most ideal time to travel to the island of Sicily would be around the early fall during late Spring like May to early June as the weather is still great out and the crowds are manageable. 

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