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Gondola on Canal Grande at Sunset, Venice

Top 10 Things to Do in Venice

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Venice, the romantic dream of a city in northern Italy is a conglomerate of several islands in the lagoon, and has been witness to groundbreaking changes in art, politics, religion, and culture. What was once a city-state republic, and the seat of trade and new ideas, and home to patrons of the arts, is now a modern urban sprawl with many visible remnants of its past. 

Though its political makeup has changed over the centuries, its architecture and rich history due to its previous inhabitants continues to make it a place where most desire to go to step into its luxurious ambience. 

San Marco Square
San Marco Square

St Mark’s

The Square and the Basilica it's named after are the most iconic parts of Venice, and what every visitor longs to see with their own eyes. The interior of the building holds gold mosaics, showcasing different styles of art throughout the ages, starting with Byzantine which then became Medieval, and turning into a glorious spot of the Renaissance and its creations. 

Wine Tasting

Visitors to this incredible city should make room in their schedule to include one of the many culinary tour options available, to try some of the great food and wine of the region. Have the experience of the aristocracy that once lived in Venice by taking some time to try the different wines available. 

Discover Venetian secrets on a gondola tour
Discover Venetian secrets on a gondola tour

Church of San Giorgio Maggiore

Across the lagoon from the famous St Mark’s Square sits this marble masterpiece of a church. This building, which houses the works of artistic masters such as Tintoretto (including his rendition of The Last Supper),  is an architectural feat designed and built by Palladio.

Legends and folktales

Among the many local legends of the city, there are tales of lovers who left messages for each other or who met at a particular spot away from the crowds. One of these spots is the arch inside the Sotoportego dei Preti alleyway with a heart etched in stone. Another is the famous Bridge of Sighs which Lord Byron dubbed under this name to tell the tale of prisoners’ last view of the outside world before incarceration in the prison within the Doge’s Palace. 

Colorful buildings line Venice's canals
Colorful buildings line Venice's canals

Doge's Palace

The palace which was once the residence of the Duke or Grand Magistrate of Venice, this sprawl includes the former seat of government, the prison where Casanova himself was held, and chambers full of frescoes and gilded decorations. Visitors are likely to be mesmerized by all there is to see in this great edifice.

Peggy Guggenheim Collection

As Venice is the place where art lovers come each year for the Biennal contemporary art exhibit, it's no wonder that it also has an incredible modern art museum. Art collector Peggy Guggeheim’s private collection, found among the walls of an 18th century palazzo, includes the world of Cubists, Surrealists, and Abstract Expressionists who changed the art world and brought it to modernity. 


Venetian Arsenal

This collection of shipyards and armories showcasing the former republic’s naval prowess takes visitors all the way back to the Medieval era. History buffs will be enthralled to walk along the history of technology and progress which led this military protection of Venice into the early modern period. 

Caffè Florian

Anyone wanting to get a unique moment, should visit this coffee house located in St Mark’s Square, which was first opened in the 18th century and is the oldest to continue to be in operation in the country. Have an espresso and enjoy the view of of the Cathedral and those who visit this wondrous city. 

Discover distinctive Venetian architecture
Discover distinctive Venetian architecture

The Basilica di Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari

This Gothic edifice is Venice’s largest sacred temple, which holds incredible treasures within. Monuments to many important citizens of the city are found inside this church. Those who admire the work of the great master Titian will appreciate several of his works, including two large altarpieces.

The Canal

Every visitor should take a ride through the Venice canal to see the city and its architecture in all of its splendor. Whether in a romantic gondola ride or by boat, this is one experience that should not be missed. 

Squero di San Trovaso boatyard
Squero di San Trovaso boatyard

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Looking over Florence at the Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore.



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