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Here Fishy Fishy

After back to back days of active excursions the Fjoya Island bus tour was a nice change of pace. This island has a lot of history and is a very significant piece to the Norwegians fishing industry and wind energy production. History buffs, this island is for you!
SalMar is not only the largest salmon process plant in Norway, but one of the largest in the world.  Teh company owns 51% of the salmon in the Atlantic and produces 250,000 tons of processed fish annually.  They also have a sister biochemical company that uses the fish waste from the plant to create fish oils and supplements. We made a quick pit stop at the plant and were given a tour of the processing facilities. It was fascinating to say the least, but not for the faint of heart. There is nothing left to the imagination as you see the fish brought in from the outside holding tanks, processed, and packaged within 25 minutes. This fish is FRESH!

On their way to your dinner table
On their way to your dinner table (Tilly Cantor)

After our fishy adventure we hopped back on the pus and continued to the very tip of the island to a town called Titran. A prominent point during WWII and home to a Nazi bunker fortress. Norway was invaded during the war and occupied by German soldiers for a number of years. Although it is a darker time in history it has shaped much of their history and culture in many of these coastal towns. This particular coastal fortress was occupied from 1941- 1944.
WWII German Bunker
WWII German Bunker (Tilly Cantor)

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