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Antarctica21 pioneered air-cruise expeditions in Antarctica, and they understand all the complexities of ensuring a smooth, safe, and enjoyable adventure; and know the region’s unique geography, natural history, wildlife, and ecology.

Antarctica21 was founded in Punta Arenas, the traditional gateway for the first Antarctic explorers. It remains an ideal base of operations as they respond to the region’s changing conditions, constantly refining and enhancing trips. The company offers the most extensive suite of Antarctic air cruises in the world. As the leading boutique tour operator of expeditions in Antarctica, they constantly strive to innovate and develop an environmentally responsible expedition to the White Continent.

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A humpback whale breached right in front of us in Fournier Bay! Our hiking group standing on a glacier in the South Shetlands King penguins in the Falklands Deplaning on an Antarctica21 air cruise Helpful Antarctica21 crew Magellan Explorer, Antarctica21 Hiking in Antarctica on a Magellan Explorer cruise Explorers House, an exclusive club for Antarctica21 air-cruise guests


2003: First Air Cruise 

Antarctica21 commenced in December 2003 with its inaugural Antarctic fly and cruise voyage, utilizing a De Havilland Dash-7 aircraft and the Grigoriy Mikheev research vessel, featuring shared bathrooms in contrast to the current boutique ships. The first air-cruise accommodated 13 paying guests, alongside invited professionals, journalists, and friends. This marked the founder's initial Antarctic exploration, representing a novel travel style.

2010: Ocean Nova Joins The Antarctica21 Fleet

Ocean Nova's arrival was transformative, doubling capacity in two years and becoming integral to Antarctica21. It facilitated the acceptance of Antarctica21's air-cruise model in the US, fostering partnerships with established American travel companies. This success enabled team expansion, infrastructure investments, and entry into the group-based Asian market.

2013: Antarctica21 Enters the Chinese Market

The Chinese travel market evolved, with Chinese travelers gaining access to diverse offerings. In the 2010-11 Antarctic season, China accounted for 3% of Antarctic travelers, rising to 15% by the 2019-20 season, making it the second-largest source market after the US.

2013: Antarctica21's First 10 Years

To commemorate this milestone, Antarctica21 sponsored a Sharp Peak expedition, a mountain featured in its original logo. Climbers successfully reached the summit, proudly flying the company's flag as a symbol of their pioneering spirit.

In 2013, the company expanded its offerings by introducing kayaking and snowshoeing as optional excursions for Antarctic guests. Simultaneously, a web-based reservation system was implemented, which has continued to serve the organization effectively.

2015: Laying the Groundwork for Growth

In 2015, Antarctica21 initiated multiple projects to enhance operations and guest experience:
  1. Hebridean Sky: Added to increase capacity and serve a premium market segment due to growing demand for the Air-Cruise Model.
  2. Infrastructure Improvements: Moved operations to the 4-star Cabo de Hornos Hotel, acquired a van for mobility, and expanded the Hospitality Team's size and responsibilities.
  3. Office and Expedition Facility Expansion: Expanded the Punta Arenas office with dedicated workspaces and built a 500 sq.m. expedition facility for storage and operational needs.
  4. My Expedition Portal: Launched an online pre-departure portal, "My Expedition," streamlining guest trip preparation and information management.
These changes facilitated growth and prepared for the company's expansion.

2017: Evolving the Antarctica21 Brand

In 2017, Antarctica21 initiated a comprehensive planning process to assess its long-term vision and strategic options. This resulted in significant decisions, including a comprehensive rebranding effort that transitioned the company from ANTARCTICA XXI to Antarctica21. The primary objective was to simplify the company's name and create a contemporary visual identity to enhance communication.

2019: Navigating New Waters & the Launch of Magellan Explorer​

In 2019, Antarctica21 achieved a significant milestone as the company constructed and launched the custom-built ship, Magellan Explorer. The vessel's name was chosen as a tribute to the renowned explorer, Ferdinand Magellan, known for altering the world's perception of uncharted territories.

2023: Explorers House Opens

Antarctica21 introduces a brand-new expedition welcome center in Punta Arenas, a dedicated facility built from a converted heritage building, with an area of over 21,500 square feet on two floors. Here, guests can prepare for their expedition by attending pre-departure briefings, getting to know fellow travel companions, and relaxing in comfortable modern lounges and dining areas.



Options for Single Travelers

Single travelers can choose between:

* Booking a dedicated Single Cabin. No supplement is applied for single use of dedicated Single Cabins.

* Booking a Twin Cabin for single use. An 85% supplement will be added to the rate per person when booking in a limited number of Porthole and Veranda Cabins on Magellan Explorer, Twin Cabins on Ocean Nova, and Window Suites and Promenade Suites on Hebridean Sky. A 100% supplement applies when booking all other categories.

* Sharing a cabin with another passenger of the same gender. This is available on Magellan Explorer in Porthole and Veranda Cabins, on Ocean Nova in Twin Cabins, and on Hebridean Sky in Window Suites and Promenade Suites. Antarctica21 will take care of finding the matching companion. Passengers who book a Twin Cabin on a shared basis are accommodated in single rooms at the hotel in Punta Arenas for which they must pay a Single Hotel Room Supplement that varies based on the departure selected. Please inquire at time of reservation.

* Note: Single travelers who use CPAP machines or other assistive devices, as well as those who have conditions that can be disrupting to others (loud snoring, sleepwalking etc.) can only book their air-cruise in a Single Cabin or in a Twin Cabin for single use. They cannot book on a twin-share basis.

Can children travel with Antarctica 21?

Children are admitted from the age of 8 years if accompanied by an adult who will take responsibility and sign a waiver. A 5% discount on the rate per person is offered for children up to 12 years of age.

Cuisine & Dietary Information

Antarctica 21 is privileged to have a group of international chefs prepare a delicious selection of different cuisines throughout your trip. Wine, beer, juice and soft drinks served with lunch and dinner on board our ships are included, as well as coffee, tea, chocolate, cappuccino, water and snacks throughout the expedition. Note: beverages purchased at the ship’s bar as well as not-included beverage purchased in the dining room are at a charge.

Dietary requests must be made on the Participation Form you receive after your booking confirmation. This information will be passed along to our staff so they can accommodate your needs while on your voyage.

Note: due to the nature of the expeditions and the kitchens onboard the ships, Kosher and vegan meals cannot be accommodated.

Personal Safety

Your safety is our main concern. You will be provided with a mandatory safety session before departing on your voyage. You will be shown where the life jackets are, as well as the safety boats in case of an emergency evacuation. During rough weather, do not walk in large, open areas and be sure to use handrails both outside and inside the vessel. Always use door handles and never hold doors by their frames, as a sudden movement may prove very dangerous. Always turn on the lights upon entering your cabin in case items have moved around. Use non-slip shoes when on deck, as it can be slippery at times.


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