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What to do and what not to do

I discover many things when traveling alone and the biggest one is that people can take advantage of a solo lady. My biggest recommendation is to always find a taxi driver that will give you the price before you even enter the vehicle. Whether it’s a ride to a restaurant, tour, or the airport. I found that if a taxi driver did not give me the price in advance, they were not a legitimate taxi driver and could charge you whatever you want.

Seeing MS Ambassador for the first time!
Seeing MS Ambassador for the first time! (Franny Friesz)

I made the mistake of getting in the car with a driver outside of the designated taxi zone with a couple of fellow travelers and this gentleman took us to the airport at the end of our trip in Split. My dad who was traveling with me went to the airport earlier that morning. The evening prior, he asked a bunch of drivers at the designated stand how much they would charge and they gave him a price upfront, around 40 Euro. The guy who convinced us to ride with him, started up a meter on his phone and I knew we were in trouble. The end price ended up being 70 Euro and we gave him 50. It was certainly awkward and I hope this word of advice helps you avoid this situation.

The best part of this trip was having the time to read an entire book.
The best part of this trip was having the time to read an entire book. (Franny Friesz)

What I do recommend is spending at least a day or two before your cruise in Split or Dubrovnik. This helps you experience the city you’re exploring with the cruise on your own beforehand and will also help you get use to the time difference. I was able to work remotely while I was there the few days beforehand, but I was also able to allow my body to acclimate the the 8 hour time difference. Make sure you stay in a hotel that has fun things in walking distance (restaurants, activities, beaches). Let us know if you need recommendations!
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