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Travel vs. Vacation

There's a time and a place for the on-the-move, fit-in-as-much-as-possible kind of trip.  And on the other end of the spectrum, the kind of trip where you stay put and focus on....well....nothing but relaxation.  I met a couple on this cruise that made the distinction between the two.  The former: TRAVEL!  The latter: VACATION!  

What is "Travel?"
Travel is characterized by movement.  Flying or driving to a new location every few days, daily excursions to see a new area, most likely an agenda or bucket list involved - check those boxes!  I can really get behind a trip like this; I've traveled this way in Peru and Costa Rica and Thailand and the Galapagos and on and on.  It's exhilarating to see a new country this way!  Sometimes your must-see list is so long, it necessitates this kind of travel style.  You might need a vacation after your vacation, but at least you'll have some excellent stories and photos to share!

What is "Vacation?"
Vacation is characterized by relaxation.  Stay put in a resort or lodge for a week with the sole purpose of recharging.  Sleep, read a great book, eat delicious food, have a fruity cocktail (or three), and turn off your phone.  Do this really well, and you'll be ready to tackle your old routines with a new-found energy.  You might not have as many stories or photos to brag about, but the goal of vacation isn't to fill your Instagram with jealousy-inducing moments.  The goal is to sleep in, reset, disconnect, and probably gain a few pounds (or is that just me?).

A Perfect Marriage
I've never been on a trip before that was such a perfect marriage of TRAVEL and VACATION.  This cruise seriously had it all.  Was there movement?  Oh yes!  A new island to explore each day!  We went snorkeling and stand up paddleboarding, rented bikes, went 4x4 off-roading, and wandered in local towns.  And yet... No internal flights to catch.  No need to pack up our things for the next hotel.  No rental vehicle to drive from place to place.  This was as worry-free as it gets.  Which leads me to the relaxation.  Oh, the relaxation!  Sleeping in, room service, luxurious bathrobes, naps on the beach, pre-dinner cocktails, evening entertainment, no meal planning or cooking!  It was dreamy.  Seriously the best of both worlds.  We fit in so much, yet had no agenda from day to day.  We ended up with some pretty nice photos and stories, too, if I do say so myself....

Public beach in Huahine - not too shabby!
Public beach in Huahine - not too shabby! (Jenna Fedyschyn)

Taking in a local public beach with a book in hand.  Total VACATION!

Coffee & OJ room service? Sure!
Coffee & OJ room service? Sure! (Jenna Fedyschyn)

Enjoying a slow morning with room service.  VACATION strikes again.

Bora Bora off-road excursion!
Bora Bora off-road excursion! (Jenna Fedyschyn)

Turning up the pace with an off-road safari!

Rented bikes on Bora Bora for $10
Rented bikes on Bora Bora for $10 (Jenna Fedyschyn)

Meandering through Bora Bora on rented bikes.

The private island day was so relaxing!
The private island day was so relaxing! (Jenna Fedyschyn)

Ah yes, there's that beach-with-a-book scene again.  Never gets old.

Gotta stay hydrated.
Gotta stay hydrated. (Jenna Fedyschyn)

Until next time, MS Paul Gauguin!

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