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13 Best Things to Do & See in Vietnam - Top Attractions & Experiences

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Top Things to Do in Vietnam

Vietnam is a captivating country known for its rich history, stunning landscapes, and diverse culture. From the bustling cities to the tranquil countryside, Vietnam offers a wide array of attractions and activities that cater to a wide range of interests. Whether you're a history enthusiast, an adventure seeker, a food lover, or a nature enthusiast, Vietnam has something special for everyone. Let's explore the top things to do and see in this enchanting country.

Halong Bay boat
Halong Bay boat

Ha Long Bay

Ha Long Bay, located in northeastern Vietnam, is renowned for its emerald waters and thousands of towering limestone islands topped with rainforests. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Ha Long Bay offers breathtaking scenery, opportunities for cruising, kayaking, and exploring mysterious caves, making it a must-visit destination in Vietnam.
Who it appeals to: Nature lovers, adventure seekers, and those interested in UNESCO World Heritage Sites will be captivated by the beauty and serenity of Ha Long Bay. Families and couples looking for romantic getaways can enjoy leisurely cruises and outdoor activities amidst stunning landscapes.
Insider Tips: Opt for overnight cruises to witness spectacular sunsets and sunrises over the bay, and explore less crowded areas to experience the tranquility of this natural wonder. Consider visiting in the shoulder seasons of spring and autumn for milder weather and fewer tourists.
Practicalities: Ha Long Bay is accessible from Hanoi by road, with various tour operators offering day trips and overnight cruises. Pack appropriate clothing for outdoor activities, and be mindful of environmental conservation efforts to preserve the beauty of the bay.

Hue Hue citadel
Hue Hue citadel

Imperial City of Hue

A visit to the Imperial City of Hue offers a remarkable journey back in time to Vietnam's imperial past. This UNESCO World Heritage Site served as the political, cultural, and religious center of the Nguyen Dynasty. Visitors can explore the intricately designed palaces, temples, and forbidden city, gaining insights into the country's history and architectural heritage.
Who it appeals to: History enthusiasts, culture aficionados, and architecture lovers will be enthralled by the well-preserved relics of Vietnam's imperial era. The site is suitable for families with older children interested in history and older travelers with a penchant for cultural exploration.
Insider Tips: Engage a knowledgeable local guide to gain a deeper understanding of the site's historical significance and anecdotes. Visit during early morning hours to avoid tour group crowds.
Practicalities: The Imperial City of Hue is open daily, and guided tours are available. It's advisable to wear comfortable walking shoes and carry water, especially during hot weather.

Beautiful Entrance at The Temple Of Literature Hanoi
Beautiful Entrance at The Temple Of Literature Hanoi

Hanoi's Old Quarter

Hanoi's Old Quarter, the historic heart of Vietnam's capital, is a maze of narrow streets, ancient temples, and colonial-era buildings. Wander through bustling markets, sample local street food, and immerse yourself in the vibrant culture and rich history of this atmospheric neighborhood.
Who it appeals to: History buffs, food enthusiasts, and culture seekers will delight in the charming chaos of Hanoi's Old Quarter. Solo travelers and backpackers can explore the area's hidden gems, while families can enjoy cultural experiences and culinary adventures together.
Insider Tips: Dive into the culinary scene by joining a street food tour to sample Vietnamese specialties like pho, banh mi, and egg coffee. Take your time wandering the labyrinthine streets, and don't miss attractions like the iconic Hoan Kiem Lake and the lively Dong Xuan Market.
Practicalities: The Old Quarter is best explored on foot or by cyclo (cycle rickshaw), allowing you to navigate the narrow streets and soak up the vibrant atmosphere. Be cautious of traffic when crossing roads, and negotiate prices when shopping in markets.

Ho Chi Minh City Notre Dame Cathedral
Ho Chi Minh City Notre Dame Cathedral

Ho Chi Minh City's Notre-Dame Cathedral Basilica

Ho Chi Minh City's Notre-Dame Cathedral Basilica, located in the heart of downtown Saigon, is an iconic landmark and a symbol of French colonial architecture in Vietnam. Admire the cathedral's stunning facade, attend Mass, and explore the surrounding area, which includes historic buildings and vibrant street life.
Who it appeals to: History enthusiasts, architecture aficionados, and those interested in religious landmarks will appreciate the beauty and significance of Notre-Dame Cathedral Basilica. Photographers can capture the cathedral's elegant design and bustling surroundings.
Insider Tips: Visit during Mass times to experience the cathedral's spiritual ambiance and observe local worshipers in prayer. Combine your visit with nearby attractions like the Saigon Central Post Office and the Reunification Palace for a comprehensive cultural experience.
Practicalities: The cathedral is located in District 1 of Ho Chi Minh City, within walking distance of other attractions and public transportation options. Dress modestly when visiting religious sites, and be mindful of Mass schedules if you plan to attend a service.

Japanese Bridge, Hoi An Old Town, Vietnam
Japanese Bridge, Hoi An Old Town, Vietnam

Hoi An Ancient Town

Hoi An Ancient Town, situated on the central coast of Vietnam, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site known for its well-preserved architecture, lantern-lit streets, and rich cultural heritage. Explore the charming alleyways, visit historic buildings and temples, and shop for handicrafts in this enchanting riverside town.
Who it appeals to: History buffs, culture enthusiasts, and romantics will be enchanted by the timeless beauty and romantic ambiance of Hoi An Ancient Town. Artisans and craft lovers can browse the town's many workshops and galleries showcasing traditional Vietnamese craftsmanship.
Insider Tips: Visit during the monthly Full Moon Lantern Festival to witness Hoi An's streets illuminated by colorful lanterns and participate in traditional festivities. Take a leisurely boat ride along the Thu Bon River for panoramic views of the town and its picturesque surroundings.
Practicalities: Hoi An Ancient Town is pedestrian-friendly, allowing visitors to explore its attractions on foot or by bicycle. Purchase a ticket for access to the town's historic sites, and be sure to try local specialties like Cao Lau noodles and white rose dumplings at traditional eateries.

Mui Ne Beach

Mui Ne Beach, situated along the southeastern coast of Vietnam, is a popular seaside destination known for its golden sands, swaying palm trees, and ideal conditions for water sports. Relax on the beach, go kiteboarding or windsurfing, and explore nearby attractions such as sand dunes and fishing villages.
Who it appeals to: Beachgoers, water sports enthusiasts, and sun seekers will appreciate the tranquil beauty and recreational opportunities offered by Mui Ne Beach. Families can enjoy swimming, sunbathing, and beachside activities in a relaxed and scenic setting.
Insider Tips: Visit during the dry season (November to March) for the best weather and sea conditions for water sports activities like kiteboarding and windsurfing. Explore the nearby Red and White Sand Dunes for sand sledding, ATV rides, and panoramic views of the coastline.
Practicalities: Mui Ne Beach is located approximately 220 kilometers northeast of Ho Chi Minh City and can be reached by bus, train, or private car. Pack sunscreen, sunglasses, and swimwear for beach outings, and be cautious of strong currents and jellyfish during certain times of the year.

Mui Ne sand dunes
Mui Ne sand dunes

Mui Ne Sand Dunes

Mui Ne Sand Dunes, located along the southeastern coast of Vietnam, offer a surreal landscape of rolling sand dunes, towering red sand formations, and windswept beaches. Experience the thrill of sandboarding or quad biking, marvel at the desert-like scenery, and capture stunning sunset views over the dunes.
Who it appeals to: Adventure seekers, nature lovers, and photography enthusiasts will be drawn to the unique beauty and recreational activities offered by the Mui Ne Sand Dunes. Families with children can enjoy sand play and outdoor adventures amidst the desert-like landscape.
Insider Tips: Visit the dunes early in the morning or late afternoon to avoid the heat and capture the best lighting conditions for photography. Consider booking a guided tour that includes transportation, equipment rental, and expert guidance for sandboarding or quad biking adventures.
Practicalities: Mui Ne Sand Dunes are accessible from the coastal town of Mui Ne by motorbike, taxi, or guided tour. Wear sunscreen, sunglasses, and comfortable clothing for outdoor activities, and bring plenty of water to stay hydrated in the desert environment.

cu chi Tunnels
cu chi Tunnels

Cu Chi Tunnels

The Cu Chi Tunnels, located near Ho Chi Minh City, are an extensive underground network used by the Viet Cong during the Vietnam War. Explore the tunnels, learn about their history and significance, and gain insight into the resilience and ingenuity of the Vietnamese people during wartime.
Who it appeals to: History buffs, war veterans, and those interested in military history will find the Cu Chi Tunnels to be a fascinating and educational destination. Adventure seekers can crawl through narrow passageways and experience firsthand the conditions faced by guerrilla fighters.
Insider Tips: Opt for a guided tour to learn about the tunnels' construction, purpose, and strategic importance during the Vietnam War. Wear comfortable clothing and closed-toe shoes suitable for exploring underground passages, and be prepared for narrow and dimly lit spaces.
Practicalities: The Cu Chi Tunnels are located approximately 70 kilometers northwest of Ho Chi Minh City and can be reached by bus, taxi, or guided tour. Allow ample time to explore the tunnel complex and visit nearby attractions such as the War Remnants Museum and Ben Duoc Memorial Temple.

Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park

Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park, located in central Vietnam, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site known for its spectacular karst landscapes, extensive cave systems, and pristine biodiversity. Embark on cave explorations, jungle treks, and river cruises to discover the natural wonders of this remote and scenic destination.
Who it appeals to: Nature enthusiasts, adventure travelers, and eco-tourists will be awestruck by the raw beauty and ecological significance of Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park. Photographers can capture stunning landscapes, cave formations, and diverse flora and fauna.
Insider Tips: Plan your visit during the dry season (February to August) for optimal weather conditions and access to cave tours and outdoor activities. Join guided tours led by knowledgeable park rangers to explore iconic caves like Son Doong, Paradise, and Phong Nha Cave.
Practicalities: Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park is located near the town of Phong Nha in Quang Binh Province, accessible by bus, train, or private car from major cities like Hanoi and Hue. Wear sturdy footwear and appropriate clothing for cave exploration and jungle trekking, and be prepared for humid conditions and insect repellent.

Topas Ecolodge in Sapa Valley
Topas Ecolodge in Sapa Valley

Sapa Rice Terraces

The Sapa Rice Terraces, nestled in the mountains of northern Vietnam, are a breathtaking landscape of tiered rice paddies, ethnic minority villages, and panoramic vistas. Trek through terraced fields, interact with local communities, and immerse yourself in the cultural heritage of Vietnam's highlands.
Who it appeals to: Outdoor enthusiasts, cultural travelers, and photography enthusiasts will be enchanted by the scenic beauty and cultural diversity of the Sapa Rice Terraces. Hikers and trekkers can explore remote villages and scenic trails amidst stunning mountain scenery.
Insider Tips: Visit during the rice planting or harvesting seasons (April to June and September to November) to witness the terraces in their most vibrant and picturesque state. Hire a local guide or join a guided trekking tour to learn about the customs, traditions, and daily life of ethnic minority groups.
Practicalities: Sapa is located approximately 350 kilometers northwest of Hanoi and can be reached by overnight train or bus, followed by a scenic drive through mountainous terrain. Bring sturdy hiking shoes, rain gear, and warm clothing for trekking in variable weather conditions.

Danang architecture
Danang architecture

Da Nang's Marble Mountains

Da Nang's Marble Mountains, a cluster of five limestone hills named after the elements (metal, wood, water, fire, and earth), offer stunning panoramic views, sacred pagodas, and intricate cave systems. Climb to the summit for panoramic views, explore hidden grottoes, and visit ancient Buddhist sanctuaries nestled amidst lush greenery.
Who it appeals to: Nature lovers, history enthusiasts, and spiritual seekers will be enchanted by the natural beauty and cultural significance of Da Nang's Marble Mountains. Hikers and adventurers can explore hiking trails and cave networks amidst breathtaking scenery.
Insider Tips: Visit early in the morning or late afternoon to avoid crowds and experience the tranquil atmosphere of the mountains at sunrise or sunset. Wear sturdy shoes and be prepared for uneven terrain and steep steps when exploring caves and climbing to hilltop pagodas.
Practicalities: Da Nang's Marble Mountains are located approximately 9 kilometers south of Da Nang city center and can be reached by taxi, motorbike, or guided tour. Bring water, sunscreen, and a camera for hiking and sightseeing, and be respectful of sacred sites and religious practices.

Nha Trang cable car, Vietnam
Nha Trang cable car, Vietnam

Nha Trang Beach

Nha Trang Beach, located along the central coast of Vietnam, is a picturesque seaside destination known for its turquoise waters, white sandy beaches, and vibrant beachfront atmosphere. Relax on the beach, enjoy water sports activities, and explore nearby islands and attractions for a memorable coastal getaway.
Who it appeals to: Beach enthusiasts, water sports lovers, and families will find Nha Trang Beach to be an ideal destination for sun, sea, and sand adventures. Adventure seekers can embark on snorkeling, diving, and island-hopping excursions amidst stunning marine environments.
Insider Tips: Visit in the early morning or late afternoon to avoid the midday sun and crowds, and rent a beach chair or umbrella for added comfort during your beach day. Explore nearby attractions like Hon Mun Island, Vinpearl Land, and Po Nagar Cham Towers for cultural and recreational experiences.
Practicalities: Nha Trang Beach is located in the city of Nha Trang, easily accessible by taxi, motorbike, or bicycle from central accommodations. Pack swimwear, sunscreen, and snorkeling gear for beach outings, and be cautious of strong currents and safety hazards in the water.

Con Dao Islands

Con Dao Islands, an archipelago off the southeastern coast of Vietnam, offer pristine beaches, turquoise waters, and rich biodiversity in a serene and secluded setting. Explore secluded beaches, snorkel in coral reefs, and discover historical sites and marine conservation areas for an unforgettable island escape.
Who it appeals to: Nature lovers, eco-tourists, and travelers seeking off-the-beaten-path destinations will appreciate the unspoiled beauty and tranquility of Con Dao Islands. Scuba divers and snorkelers can explore vibrant coral reefs and underwater ecosystems teeming with marine life.
Insider Tips: Visit during the dry season (November to April) for the best weather and sea conditions for outdoor activities like beachcombing, snorkeling, and hiking. Explore historical sites such as Con Dao Prison and Hang Duong Cemetery to learn about the islands' turbulent past.
Practicalities: Con Dao Islands are accessible by ferry or domestic flight from Ho Chi Minh City and Can Tho, with limited accommodations available on the main island. Pack essential beach gear, insect repellent, and sun protection for island adventures, and be mindful of environmental conservation efforts to preserve the islands' natural beauty.

There's no shortage of incredible experiences awaiting travelers in Vietnam. Whether you're drawn to its natural wonders, rich history, or diverse culture, Vietnam promises unforgettable adventures for all who visit. To plan your trip to Vietnam and explore these exceptional attractions with the guidance of expert trip planners, get in touch with Adventure Life and embark on a journey that will leave you with cherished memories and a deeper appreciation for this remarkable country.

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