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Amazon Adventure \ Photos

2 of 10 piranah caught..What teeth!
Into the great fog
unidentified orchid
Oh! what a beautiful morning
The southern cross
flying butress
Brazil Nut tree
Who needs side walks
Morning canoe trip
What do you want to eat?
Acai Palm
She is so pretty!
High water season
A sight for sore eyes
Termite nest
What a sight to behold
Tap vines to gain nutrients
Wild pineapple
Here\'s looking at you kid
Howler Monkey
3 toed sloth with baby
Protecting her baby
Into the unknown
Just another bird picture
A pirates life for me
Black Vulture
Birds are every where
I moving as fast as I can
Nothing like a good stretch
What a great guide
children of the river
Old rubber plantation
I just liked this picture
A small Boa
The piranha we caught
Green iquana
Bird of  paradise
Just beautiful
Flowers in the jungle
What a face..helping mom
Cashew fruit and nut
Tarantula (wolf spider)
Where the two river meet

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