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Thursday- 2 July or day 5

Brazil Nut tree
Brazil Nut tree
Went fishing for pirranha....I caught the first one and caught 10 all together. This has to be the most exciting day of all for me. I love to fish and this was like the greatest of all. I even removed my own fish fron the hook. Their sharp teeth and constant biting added to the excitment. I didn't want this part of the trip to end! We saw two snakes today. A large black snake and a small boa constrictor. Also went to an old rubber plantation that is now in ruins. It looked like Disney's Jungle book.
For dinner we had the pirranha caught this morning. Very mild taste. We also had a fish called Tapico. It has to be the best fisw I have ever eaten. This fish lives on fruit and nuts during the high water season and gets very fat. When the water drops and it can't get to it's food supply it lives off the fat stored on it's body. It tasted like a very moist and sweet chicken breast. This trip was worth this day alone. I won't put todays list as the whole day was so fabulous it would be hard to identify any one thing as being best. The company name is Adventure Life, but I would say it should be called Adventure of a Life!

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