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Craig and Steph Explore the Cultures of Ecuador \ Photos

Steph, Felipe, Maria, Craig
Breakfast at Casa Aliso
 Pululahua Crater
Balancing on the Equator
At the Equator
La Mitad del Mundo
La Boca del Lobo, Quito
Surreal Painting, Quito
Blogging at Casa Aliso
Seller at the Otavalo Market
Woman Weaves Tortora Reeds
Making a Zampoña
Steph models a woven wool shawl
 Weaver Jose Carlos de la Torre
 Weaver Jose Carlos de la Torre and his Granddaughter
Kehli and Aida
Antonio practices with Inti Ñan
Chaski Ñan
The yard behind the casita
Cayambe Volcano
Lago Mojanda
Loago Mojanda
Felipe and Craig hiking Fuya Fuya
Lago Mojanda
Craig and Steph Climb Fuya Fuya
Summiting Fuya Fuya
Fuya Fuya
Rosa and Kehli
Dinner - Rosa, Craig, Felipe, Antonio, Aida, Kehli
Kehli and Max
Ethnobotanical Garden
Frog at Ethnobotanical Garden
Kehli and her wah wah
Aida and Rosa
Craig and Steph at Lake Cuicocha
Antonio shows us medicinal plants on the Cuicocha Hike
Craig at Lake Cuicocha
Craig at Lake Cuicocha
Craig at Lake Cuicocha
Fuya Fuya at sunset
Antonio teaches Felipe to play the flute
Aida and Kehli
Aida, Rosa, and Kehli
Rosa, Kehli, Craig, Steph, and Aida
Hummingbirds at Guango Lodge
Hummingbird at Guango Lodge
Hummingbird at Guango Lodge
Carlos harvests a palm tree
Carlos isolates the heart of palm
Bamboo Hut
Tamia takes Tony for a walk
Snail (to scale)
Michael holds a kitten
Felipe eats dinner with the Waira Churis
Lorena the parrot checks out Felipe\'s camera
Carlos lights natural copal incense
Israel plays frisbee with Craig
Weaving demonstrations
Anna and Sacha
Steph\'s injured fingers
Craig cleans the laundry
Edmundo paints Craig\'s face
Carlos sets a trap
Steph shoots a blow dart
Carlos prepares arrows for the blow gun
Carlos and Maria
Carlos serenades us
Our Kichwa wedding re-enactment
Craig drinks the ceremonial drink
Carlos prepares for the ceremony
Israel, Sacha, Vanessa, Jennifer, and puppy Tony
Preparing the kayak gear
Ñame and Arturo prepare dinner on the beach
Beach campsite on the Shiripuno
Steph goes tribal
Our tent on the beach
Forest campsite
Arturo cooks diinner at our forest camp
Ñame prepares dinner
Dinner at the forest camp
Shiripuno Lodge
Dinner at Shiripuno Lodge
Breakfast at Shiripuno Lodge
Felipe heading upriver
Craig and Arturo on the Mirador hike
Felipe on the Mirador hike
Ñame shows us a curare vine
Ceiba seed pod
View from Mirador
Red palm leaves
The latest in green accessories
Leaf cutter ants
Leaf cutter ants
Gato Negro Merlot
Shiripuno Lodge common area
Our room at Shiripuno Lodge
Steph\'s fish
Craig in a Shiripuno Lodge hammock
Cayman watch
Leaving Shiripuno Lodge
Tired crew
Huaorani women
Huaorani girl
Huaorani woman
Karuway shoots a blow dart
Huaorani child
Ñame\'s family
Snake in the road
Macaws in the dumpster at Hotel El Auca
Felipe, Craig, Steph, Arturo, and Ñame
Flight from Coca to Quito
Steph enjoys a pina colada at Clancy\'s
Flight from Quito to Miami
Casa Aliso
Felipe and Antonio on the Fuya Fuya hike
Steph hiking Fuya Fuya
Lago Mojanda
Taita Manuel Flores the Shaman
Taita Manuel Flores the Shaman
Taita Manuel Flores the Shaman
Lago Cuicocha
Lago Cuicocha
Lago Cuicocha Hike
Hiking to the waterfall
River crossing at the waterfall hike
Kayaking the Shiripuno
Felipe mans the supply boat
Arturo and Ñame kayaking at sunset
Kayaking the Shiripuno, approaching a Huaorani village
Arturo and some Huaorani stow-aways
Craig kayaking the Shiripuno
Kayaking the Shiripuno
Felipe kicks back in his kayak
Ñame prepares lunch
Lunch on the beach
Setting up camp in the forest
Arturo with a turtle
Ñame and Felipe inspect an injured turtle
Breakfast on the beach
Dwarfed by a huge ceiba tree
Welcome to Shiripuno Lodge

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