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My Peru adventure \ Photos

Flying to Lima, Andes below
Flying to Lima, Andes below
Madre de Dios river
Our boat
Walking to the lake. This doesnt look too bad.. At first...
Beautiful butterfly
squirrel monkey
Finally.. Sandoval Lake..
It's beautiful lake and the walk was well worth it
I am finally in my room.. but what's with all those mosquito nets and no windows..
And also Ophidiophobia (fear of snakes)
Those a BIG grasshoppers
Yet another pretty butterfly
Butterflies come in all colors
Pretty flower
Howler monkey
Trying to take picture of the whole family of Giant Otters
Sunset... so romantic... And we are looking for Black Caymans :)
scarlet macaw
red bellied macaws
Coco, your neighborhood friendly Black Cayman
Dont touch trees at night
Everything is bigger in Amazon forest
small termite colony
road trip across Peru
gas station
Coca extract at the hotel
Beautiful facade of the hotel
Llamas up close
Weaving lesson
Salt mines
Hey, I am walkin' here!
Chinchero ruins
Ollantaytambo (Sacred Valley)
I think it's Alpaca this time.. ( but could be Llama)
Machu Picchu
Machu Picchu (old mountain) with Huayna picchu (young mountain) in the background
Machu Picchu rabbit
sundial.. I think it's 2pm
Beautiful Macchu Picchu. And tomorrow off to Huayna Picchu
I am on top of the world!
Actually after a "brisk" hike, I am only on top of Huayna Picchu
Dont look down.. And dont slip...
Inka bridge
Our train entertainment.
Dance, dance, dance
Plaza de armas in Cusco
Sexy Woman (that's how you pronounce it..)
That's a big wall... made out of large stones
smaller version of christ the redeemer
interesting painting on the streets of Cusco
I was wondering what it takes to get to purgatory. Apparently not much
Sad that it's my last day in Peru..
But at least i'll check out local market next to San Pedro cathedral

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