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Planes, Trains and Automobiles (plus boats, buses and on foot)

Walking to the lake. This doesnt look too bad.. At first...
Walking to the lake. This doesnt look too bad.. At first...
My trip started on Nov 27th which happened to be Thanksgiving day this year.
Right after i got my share of turkey at my parent's place, I had to drive my sister and her family to the airport (they were flying to florida).
Unfortunately, I was flying from a different airport. So i drove back, parked my car and used the following modes of transportation to get to my first destination.
1. Bus (to get to train station)
2. Train (to get to the city, NYC)
3. Subway
4. AirTrain (to get to the airport, JFK)
5. Plane ( to get to Lima)
6. Plane (to fly to Puerto Maldonado. with a 40 min stop at Cusco. I had to go to a local terminal and do another check-in to get on this plane)
7. Car (to get to the office in Puerto Maldonado and then to the boat)
8. Boat (on the Madre de Dios river)
9. Walk for 3km (2miles).. (the initial/easy part of the trail is shown in the picture. it gets much worse later.. the trail was very muddy so it was a challenging 3km.. took us about 2hours.. it's rainy season after all.. but worth it...)
10. Boat (accross Sandoval lake)
11. Walk to the Lodge

Total trip time...~17 hours
Experience.. priceless :)

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