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View of Reykjavik from the Church Tower

Through the North Atlantic

Aberdeen - Reykjavik - Example 9 Day Cruise aboard Ocean Albatros
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Join Ocean Albatros on a 9-day spring cruise and explore the northern Atlantic Aberdeen to Reykjavik. Starting from the Scottish East Coast in Aberdeen. The voyage takes you to Kirkwall, the captivating capital of Orkney, famous for its sandstone cliffs and ancient cities. The next stop is the Shetland Islands, where you visit the charming town of Lerwick, home to many diverse bird species. Continue sailing north towards the Faroe Islands, and explore its capital and largest town, Experience culture, history, whiskey, and birdlife for several days, then venture out into the North Atlantic to look for whales and wildlife. The next stop is Djúpivogur, a small town in eastern Iceland. Then head towards the Westman Islands and visit Surtsey, a UNESCO Heritage Site before you reach the final destination, Reykjavík.
Grass-roofed houses of the Faroe IslandsDiscover ancient cultures of the Orkney islandsVisit Neolithic sites of the Orkney islandsBoats in the harbor of TorshavnGrass covers the houses of the Faroe Islands, blending them into the landscape.Hallgrimskirkja Church in ReykjavikView of Reykjavik from the Church Tower
  • Explore the historic Island and Neolithic houses of Skara Brae in Orkney
  • Visit one of Faroes' islands and the smallest capital in the world, Tórshavn
  • Explore Scalloway Castle and the lovely village from an elevated viewpoint
  • Experience the small harbour village of Gjogv and its famous gorge
Places Visited
Activity Level: Variable
Activity options vary depending on destination and operator. Activity level is determined by the range and intensity of activities you choose to participate in. Discuss with your Trip Planner which options are best for you.

Full Itinerary

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Day 1: Aberdeen | Embark

Your journey begins in Aberdeen in North East Scotland, where MV Ocean Albatros is moored. Boarding is in the afternoon when the staterooms are designated. After the mandatory security review and drill, sail out on the North Sea.

Day 2: Orkney Island

During the night, sail out into the waters between the Outer and Inner Hebrides, and in the early morning, reach the town of Kirkwall on the windy Orkney off the mainland of Scotland. Orkney is old Norse for the "seal islands", and, like the other North Atlantic islands, Orkney has a rich Viking story.

Kirkwall is the capital of Orkney. Orkney has a fascinating history and contains one of the highest concentrations of Stone Age remains anywhere in the world, preserved in the islands' softly blowing sand. These sites range from the dramatic stone circle of Brodgar to the touchingly intimate Neolithic houses of Skara Brae, preserved so perfectly they could almost still be inhabited. Unlike the Scottish mainland, Orkney and nearby Shetland were colonized by Norse settlers, and were a part of the Kingdom of Norway until the late 1400s; the islands' language, culture, and architecture are subsequently distinct from the rest of Scotland. Locals are proud of their Nordic heritage, which is evident almost everywhere you go in the city, from the magnificent St Magnus' Cathedral (the founding of which is detailed in bloody sagas; it is also one of the only churches in the world to have its own dungeon), to street names, to the world-renowned Highland Park distillery. More recently, the islands were of huge military importance to the British state, and an entire German fleet lies scuttled at the bottom of Scapa Flow, just outside the city. The barricades between several of the islands were conducted after a daring U-Boat raid in the Second World War; along with the magnificent Italian Chapel (built by prisoners of war) bears testament to the islands' intricate history.

Today, the islands have again reinvented themselves; visitors are warmly welcomed, and the bustling port is littered with equipment and parts devoted to tidal and wind energy, as Orkney seeks to capitalize on its abundant green energy.

For those who participate in the optional excursion: “Highlights of Orkney”:
Depart Kirkwall and head into the west of Mainland, Orkney’s largest island. Along the way, pass through rolling gentle landscapes into the Neolithic Heartland of Orkney, an area designated as a World Heritage Site due to its wealth of pre-historic archaeology. Passing the Standing Stones of Stenness, stop at the 5000-year-old ceremonial circle: the Ring of Brodgar. 

You continue to the pretty fishing village of Stromness.  After a briefing and orientation enjoy free time to explore the picturesque harbor in Stromness and stroll along the quirky flag-stoned streets. Maybe visit the beautifully refurbished Pier Arts Centre with exhibitions by both local and international artists and relax with a hot beverage in a café or explore the craft shops selling local knitwear, pottery, and artwork.

Finally, you return to the coach and continue your circular route following the coastline of Scapa Flow, a famous British Naval Base in both World Wars. 

(The excursion is part of the optional excursion package and not included in the price of the trip).

For guests wishing to stay in Kirkwall, a short walking city tour will be arranged, passing by St. Magnus cathedral as well as the picturesque ruins from Bishop's and Earl's Palace.

Day 3: Shetland Islands

You are set to approach Lerwick near the "Main Land" of the Shetlands in the morning. The Shetland Islands consist of more than 100 islands, of which only 15 are inhabited year-round. The islands form the northernmost part of the United Kingdom, located approximately 300 km north of the mainland of Scotland.

For those who are on the optional excursion: "Clickimin Broch and Shetland sightseeing"

Once securely docked at the port, you depart through Lerwick towards Scalloway for a short scenic drive. From the elevated position, you can enjoy the view of the charming village and the imposing Scalloway Castle. After a short photo stop, you continue eastwards through the area that is locally known as the “Black Gates” – an area where peat is still cut and used as fuel.

Following the road northwards, your main destination of Clickimin Broch is only a short drive. There will be free time to discover this well-preserved and restored Broch and learn more about life in the Iron Age.

Afterward, return to Lerwick and after some time at leisure in the port town, you reboard around lunchtime. As you finish your meal, the ship moves to the nearby Isle of Noss, where you can encounter many bird colonies. Depending on the weather you hope to make either a Zodiac cruise or a landing with a smaller hike on the island.

 (Please note: The coach excursion is part of the optional excursion package and is not included in the price of the trip).

Day 4: Tórshavn, Faroe Island

You arrive after lunch at Tórshavn, possibly the smallest capital in the world, ruling the scattered 18 islands that make up the Faroes. Centered around the charming grass-roofed Parliament on Tinganes, Tórshavn is now an almost bustling modern city with shops, cafés, and even three traffic lights!

For those who are on the optional excursion: Historical Kirkjubøur and sightseeing

By mid-morning, you can participate in an optional bus excursion where you can try to look a bit back in history. You drive out of the capital and over the mountains to the south. As the climate on the Faroe Islands is ‘stably unstable’ it is not unlikely that you can drive through the cloud base and experience some fog on the way. But if you wait a moment, it is also not unlikely that it will clear up. You arrive in Kirkjubøur, the most important historical site on the islands. Kirkjubøur was in medieval times the Episcopal center of the Faroe Islands, and also its undisputed cultural center. You visit the ruins of the impressive Magnus Cathedral perhaps never completed, and the St. Olav church – the only remaining medieval church on the Faroe Islands.

(The excursion is part of the excursion package and is not included in the price of the trip).

Upon your return to ‘Havn’ – as Tórshavn is often just called – you can go for a leisurely stroll through the old citadel near the harbor. A visit to the Art Museum and the Nordic House is also very recommendable. With around 18000 inhabitants it is the island nation's largest. Torshavn is a wonderful mix of modern metropole and thousand-year-old traditions. The vast history is particularly visible in the old quarters of Tinganes, with its beautiful buildings with grass-covered roofs and cobbled streets.

Day 5: Klaksvik, Faroe Island

During the morning, arrive at the little port of Klaksvik on the island of Bordoy, located on the eastern side of the island nation. The town is the second largest (4800 inhabitants) in the Faroes, with a history dating back to Viking times. The port supports the fishing industry which still sets its mark on the town. Witness the atmosphere and the small open-deck boats as you dock.

For those who are on the optional excursion: Explore Eysturoy with Gjogv

By mid-morning, you can participate in an optional bus excursion where you explore the nearby Eysturoy with its wonderful nature, high peaks, and wildlife. You depart by coach through a tunnel that connects Bordoy and Eysturoy, and afterward, you pass along the long Skalafjord. This leads you to the small harbor village, Gjogv, where you explore the area and maybe even walk the gorge that has given the village its name. You can have time to take some photos where some of the famous rock formations and cliffs are visible along the way. All in all, this roundtrip gives you some insights into the Faroese lifestyle and the truly spectacular natural beauty that the islands hold. An excursion that lets you test the famous tagline for the country: Unspoiled, Unexplored, Unbelievable.

(The excursion is part of the excursion package and not included in the price of the trip).

Around lunchtime, you leave Klaksvik and continue your North Sea adventure toward Iceland.

Day 6: At Sea

Listen to a lecture from the experienced expedition staff, see a film about nature, or go out on deck to catch glimpses of migrating birds and hopefully some whales.

Day 7: Djúpivogur

In the morning, make a call to the small, cozy port town of Djúpivogur.

Located in East Iceland in the Berufjordur fjord, Djúpivogur is an enchanting village of just 456 inhabitants, standing beneath the dramatic Mount Búlandstindur, which reaches 3,510’ (1,069 m). Characterized by its calm lagoons, tranquil harbor, and flourishing bird population, particularly in the Búlandsnes Bird Sanctuary, the area allows visitors to enjoy an undisturbed natural paradise. The town is sheltered, but still very accessible from the ocean, the port is one of the oldest in Iceland, and the people from Djúpivogur take great pride in preserving some of the old houses. The town attracts creative folks and the art exhibitions are worth a visit, not least the permanent Eggin i Gleðivík, 34 oversized bird eggs, carved out of granite. The artwork can be reached with a short stroll from the town center. The Cultural Centre is located in the beautiful red timber house, Langabúð, and opposite this on the other side of the small harbor is the old Hotel Framtid. Residents have embraced a slower way of life which you can hope to enjoy whilst visiting.

For those who are on the optional excursion: Vatnajökull the largest icecap in Europe

You drive in from Djupivogur to the “lobster” town of Höfn where you make a short break after the first 60 minutes of driving. Next stop is the breathtaking Hoffelslón lagoon at the largest glacier in Europe (Vatnajökull), taking good time to take a walk on the glacial moraine and enjoy the unique nature. The glacier covers around 8% of Iceland's total land mass. After the visit, you return to Djupivogur, with some photo stops en route.

(The excursion is part of the excursion package and is not included in the price of the trip).

After you embark on the ship and continue, you sail along the southern coast of Iceland, dominated by Vatnajökull, Iceland's largest glacier.

Day 8: Westman Islands

The Westman Islands were on the headlines of the world press in January 1973, when a volcano erupted on Heimaey island. All 5,000 inhabitants evacuated, but most have now returned, and today the population is about 4,000. The Westman Islands are only 14 kilometers off the southwest coast of Iceland and consist of 15 small green islands and about 30 moorings.

When you go sailing, you can see the islands' steep and grateful profiles in clear weather from a long distance. They are beautifully raised by the sea, and looking at them, one understands why an Icelandic poet would compare them with the sapphires in a silver ring.

The birdlife on these edges is unique and hosts, among other natural beauties, puffins, and not least the "Queen of the Sea" - the gannet.

In the morning you head to Heimaey, the only inhabited island in the archipelago where you can see the recently excavated houses from the 1973 eruption. 

You end the day by passing close to one of the world's newest islands, Surtsey. The island rose from the sea in 1963 and arrived in 2008 on UNESCO's list of world natural heritage sites. The island is closed to the public and only researchers are allowed.

Day 9: Reykjavik | Disembark

  • 1 Breakfast
In the morning, Ocean Albatros goes alongside in the port of Reykjavik. It’s time to say farewell to the crew and begin the disembarkation.


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Although kayaking opportunities are possible in most locations during each excursion in the Antarctic region, weather, sea, and ice conditions will dictate the when and where to ensure your safety and improve your experience.
In order to sign up for this activity, you need to have previous kayaking experience and attend a mandatory safety briefing by the Kayak Master. The cost is $345/person per outing and it can only be booked onboard.

Possible shared staterooms for same-gender, single travelers: Category C (Balcony Stateroom) and Category F (Triple Porthole Stateroom)
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  • Digital visual journal link after voyage, including voyage log, gallery, species list and more.
  • English-speaking expedition team
  • Information briefings and lectures by expedition team
  • Special photo workshop
  • Near-port walks with the expedition team
  • Dinner drink package
  • Free coffee, tea, and afternoon snacks on the ship
  • Taxes, tariffs, and landing fees
  • Zodiac landings
  • Gratuities
  • Travel Insurance
  • Personal Expenses
  • Flight costs (please request a quote)
  • Additional excursions during free time
  • Beverages (other than coffee and tea)
  • Anything not mentioned under 'inclusions'
  • Extra excursions and activities not mentioned in the itinerary
  • Meals not on board the ship
  • Tips for the crew (we recommend USD 14 per person per day)
  • Emergency Evacuation insurance of at least $200,000 per passenger is required. Please bring a copy of your insurance onboard.
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