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Rugged fjords, towering icebergs, glaciers that stretch for miles, and hardy wildlife that has learned how to survive in this rough but mystical landscape highlight an expedition cruise to Disko Bay in Arctic Greenland. Among the animals that you may encounter are Arctic hares, musk oxen, Arctic foxes, reindeer, falcons, and eagles. When your ship breaks into the icy waters of Disko Bay, you might get the rare chance to see a humpback whale breaching the surface among a field of stray icebergs. Your ears will likely alert you to another marvel as giant sheets of ice thaw and crack off, crashing into the blue water below. For active explorers, base camps make for a unique Arctic experience too. Let us know when you're ready to start planning your trip to Disko Bay.
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The icescapes and rugged fjords that dominate coastal Greenland culminate in a unique environment that is home to hardy wildlife like are Arctic hares, musk oxen, Arctic foxes, reindeer, falcons, and eagles. 

Keep your eyes on the icy waters around you and you will likely see a majestic humpback whale breaching the surface. 

While you explore western Greenland & Disko Bay, you'll have opportunities to learn about how bold explorers first settled the land and how their ancestors have kept their way of life alive for generations.

Active explorers can hike across the glaciers and kayak among the icebergs. Zodiacs are another great way to take in the wondrous landscape that highlights the region.

Longer cruises of Greenland may also cross the Northwest Passage, visit Baffin Bay, and explore other top destinations in the Arctic.
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