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Antarctica Travel Blog Nov 14: Courtship of Southern Royal Albatrosses on Campbell Island

Photo by Laurie Allread - Taken enroute to Snow Hill on her 2008 Antarctica
Photo by Laurie Allread - Taken enroute to Snow Hill on her 2008 Antarctica

Monday - Nov. 14, 2011

This morning we arrived at Perseverance Harbor, Campbell Island about 8am. Wind was 30 knots and temperature about 40 F degrees. The 100 passengers were divided into several groups by ability: ie. fast to slow walkers. The goal was to complete the 2.5 mile walk with 811 feet elevation gain to the top of the island to view the south side of the island. We hoped to see Southern Royal Albatrosses. Much to our surprise, we watched several pairs doing their courtship rituals including mutual preening.. We were careful to not interrupt the birds which was somewhat difficult as the big birds nested right beside the one foot wide boardwalk.

After lunch, we headed south out of the Perseverance Harbor. Next stop is Antarctica. The expedition leader, Mike Messick, announced that that now would be a good time to take a shower as the next two days are expected to be rough. The rolling is already 15 to 30 degrees at times. The Captain just closed the bridge as the rolling is exaggerated on the higher decks.

Everyone seems to be in the lounge on the 5th floor or in their rooms. Finally, we are now in the Southern Ocean where the waves are expected to be very high until we arrive are the ice.

(This is Laurie's fourth visit to Antarctica. She is blogging her way through this epic month-long Antarctica trip; the Kapitan Khlebnikov’s Ross Sea Centennial Voyage. Tune in for daily updates from the field. Pictures from Laurie’s past Antarctica travels are found on her website.)

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