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The Summit Day

Piero, the dynamic Peruvian
Piero, the dynamic Peruvian
Today, once again, Jorge infomed us would be the best day of our lives. It would be awfully hard to top yesterday, but so far Jorge hadn't steered me wrong. Bio Bio had decided to save the best day for last. Today we would put in just above Terminator rapid, which is considered by many to be the most epic rapid on the Fu. From all of the pictures I'd seen before, it looked as if it was inconceivable to navigate a boat down this bony, incredibly technical rapid. After scouting Terminator on a brief hike, we were explained the most successful line. We would go river left, avoiding the "Terminator" hole and then paddle like hell. It was the last day on the river, and things had gone so smoothly for the past week, I had no doubt that we would get through the day with flying colors.

We all suited up in our damp gear, and piled back into our rafts for our final voyage of the week. Spirits were higher than high. We eddied out directly above Terminator to recollect ourselves and prepare for the task at hand.

Honestly, now that I think about it, I didn't have time to think going through Terminator. All I can remember is paddling like I've never paddled before and looking over and realizing how gnarly the Terminator hole was. Other than that, my mind wasn't really working. Looking back after we'd made it through was insane. The rapid looked more like a 100 yard waterfall than a Class V rapid. The power of the water was unparalleled. The pictures did not lie.

The rest of the day was jam-packed full of whitewater. We did the rest of the river, through Casa de Piedra for one last time. All in all, we'd essentially paddled all of the whitewater that the Futaleufu had to offer.

We all made it back to camp for our last night. The hot tub was full and the cocktails were flowing. I'm fairly certain that each one of us had a grin from ear to ear on our faces.

The final dinner of the week was a traditional Patagonian asado, which is a brilliant way to cook delicious meat (spoken like a true vegetarian). In an asado, an entire lamb is slow-roasted over a fire to bring out the most delicious flavors(once again, spoken like a true vegetarian). There is no way that I could leave Patagonia without partaking in an asado-well, two asados in my case, and I loaded my plate full of the succulent lamb.

As we all headed up to the bar for the final night, you could sense the melancholy throughout the group. No one was ready to bid the glorious Futa Valley so-long. Unfortunately, we had an early morning ahead of us our last night was cut short. For the last time, I soaked up the Patagonian night sky, and crawled into my inviting bed to dream sweet, sweet dreams.

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