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Garcia Sisters | Mayan Experience | Herbal Remedies | Art Center

Art is as old as time itself and as beautiful as no one can imagine.

Mayan slate carving

Designated as Prominent Artists by the official judges at Riverfest '95, The Garcia Sisters are accomplished Yucatecan Mayan artists. Their worldwide art gallery exhibits have been on display in England, Germany, Japan, United States, Mexico, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Jamaica, Dominica, and Belize's Bliss Institute.

In 1983 the sisters discovered a piece of slate while working in the field. The inspiration came from within to carve the rock into a whale, and that was the beginning of what is now called the Tanah Mayan Art Museum. This inspiration came from the heart and soul as the artists awakened to the tradition of Mayan slate carving, lost since the ancient days of Caracol around 613 AD.

Now The Garcia Sisters say, "There is a call between you and the stone and that's art. We have art in us. We are self-taught. The more we work on our art the more we learn." They have devoted their lives to their Mayan heritage, and their art has become a prime example of the beauty of Mayan tradition, culture, and essence. Driven to understand the ways of their ancestors, the sisters seek out the elders of their community as well as archaeological experts in order to create authentic Mayan art.

The Tanah Mayan Art Museum

A Caracol Ruler, a famous Palenque Elder, a Xunantunich Warrior, a Maya ceremony table for offerings of thanksgiving, and a replica of the Sun God, Kinich Ahua, from Altun Ha are among the larger pieces on exhibit, each taking up to six months to complete. Patience and endurance are combined with chisels, dull utility knives, hacksaw blades, and machetes to etch out original creations.

Although ancient Mayan artifacts are illegal to carry out of Belize, the collection on display at the museum is true and authentic to the Mayan heritage and is available to be exhibited throughout the world.

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