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Day 3-Snorkeling the barrier reef.

Hand cranked ferry boat
Hand cranked ferry boat
After a hugh continental breakfast, we loaded onto one of the dive boats and headed off into the ocean. A series of squalls had been scuddung through the coastal region so the water was a bit choppy. The first snorkle spot was a smattering of reef patches . Nice, but the visibility wasn't too good after the rain. We stopped on a private cay for cookies and fruit. Hooray!! the sun came out and the second spot was calm with great coral and lots of fish. We saw a scorpiion fish--an almost invisible ugly old guy until it swam away and then it had bright yellow spots on it's wings/fins. Good day on the water.

That night Hamanasi hosted a ''drummer'' troupe from Dangriga. This is a big Garifuna cultural event with two drummers playing handmade African type drums, one large bass drum and one smaller tenor drum, and one ''shaka'', gourd rattles, player. The rest of the company consisted of 8 dancers chanting and doing interpretative dances of Garifuna life. Very African with a Caribbean flair..We loved it! This group performs all over the globe. How fortunate we were to be able to enjoy this insight into Garifuna culture!

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