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Take a small ship cruise with Adventure Life to the gorgeous Bridgetown. Bridgetown is the capital and most popular city to visit on the island of Barbados. Be ready to swim, shop, relax on the various beaches, snorkel, and explore the beautiful colonial British architecture. Additionally, you can combine a cruise in Bridgetown or Barbados with a cruise around the greater Caribbean to explore the surrounding islands. Feel free to contact Adventure Life with any questions or to begin planning a trip to Bridgetown now.
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Dream of A Lifetime: Transatlantic Crossing$1572518Nov 26, 2024Be a part of a unique 18-day Transatlantic sailing experience aboard the luxurious Sea Cloud. Cruise across the magnificent Atlantic Ocean on your …
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Bridgetown Travel Guide

The Best time to visit Bridgetown

Between December and April is the most expensive time to travel to Bridgetown, but it's also widely considered the best time to visit. Towards the end of November hurricane season is ending so many travelers from the Northern Hemisphere come to Bridgetown for the warm, sunny beaches. But this means larger crowds and more expensive lodgings and activities.

Between May and June is an excellent time to visit Bridgetown as a good amount of the crowds will have dispersed and the hotel and activity rates will be considerably lower. It will still be sunny and warm throughout the season but towards the middle of June is when hurricane season in Bridgetown begins.

Between July and November is the height of hurricane season in Bridgetown. Hotel and activity prices will drop as much as 50% during these months and a lot of hotels and restaurants will still be open during this season. There will be almost daily rain showers, but the showers will rarely last the whole day so you'll still have the chance to get in some relaxation time on the beaches. Hurricanes rarely directly hit Bridgetown and the greater Barbados, but be sure to keep up to date about the hurricanes and where they're projected to go.
Dry Versus Wet (Hurricane) Season in Bridgetown

The dry season in Bridgetown, and the greater Barbados, coincides with high tourism between December and May. The average temperature during the dry season is generally a comfortable mid 70's degrees Fahrenheit (mid 20's degrees Celsius).

The wet season, or hurricane season begins in June and continues until November with September and October being the most humid months and having the highest risk for hurricanes. The reason it's okay to travel to Bridgetown, and the greater Barbados during this season is the island hasn't experienced any significant hurricanes since Hurricane Janet in 1955. But there will still be mild tropical storms that may hinder, but not ruin your trip. The average temperature during the wet season is generally the same as during the dry season but a little bit warmer and more humid with averages in the high 70's-mid 80's degrees Fahrenheit (high 20's degrees Celsius).

Bridgetown FAQ

Which Caribbean Island is Bridgetown on?
Bridgetown is located on Barbados.

Is Bridgetown the capital of Barbados?
Yes, Bridgetown is both the capital of Barbados and the most popular tourist destination on the island.

What is Bridgetown known for?
Shopping, rum, and diverse species of fish - both for observing while snorkeling and for eating in Bridgetown's world famous cuisine.

Which side of the road do they drive on in Bridgetown?
In Bridgetown the peoples drive on the left side of the road.

Do I need a passport and visa to visit Barbados (Bridgetown)?
You do need a passport regardless of where you're from but you do not need a visa if your stay will be equal to or less than six months.

What language is spoken in Bridgetown?
English is the official and primary language spoken in Bridgetown.

Is it safe to swim in Bridgetown?
Generally, yes, but we highly recommend that you talk to locals or contact Adventure Life regarding specific places to swim as some places aren't safe to swim at certain times of the year.

Is there Uber in Bridgetown?
No, but there are plenty taxis and an app called Beep Cab to call taxis from your phone.

What is the main religion in Bridgetown?
Christianity is the dominant religion of Bridgetown.

Should I purchase travel insurance?
Yes! You should definitely purchase travel insurance, and Adventure Life makes it simple through Travel Guard on our Once You're Booked page. This is especially important for hurricane season.

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