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U.S. Virigin Islands Small Ship Cruises

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Clear waters of the Caribbean sea
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Snorkeling in the Caribbean with a starfish
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Lush green forests and clear blue waters of the Caribbean
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Relax on the shores of the Caribbean
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Take a leisurely stroll through beautiful Bridgetown
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Encounter tropical wildlife while you sail on the Aranui
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Discover incredible history and culture in Puerto Rico
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Play on the famously beautiful beaches of St. Barth's
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Stroll along the beautiful beaches of the Caribbean
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Virgin Islands
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Relax on the beaches of the Caribbean
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Visit the United States Virgin Islands, located just south of the British Virgin Islands. This lovely archipelago is technically an unincorporated but organized territory of the United States, meaning if you're an American Citizen then you won't need a passport to enter the country. Take a walk on the white sanded beaches or snorkel in the crystal clear waters of the many beaches including Salomon Beach, Scott Bay Beach, and Trunk Bay. Travel on a small ship cruise with the benefits of a small ship cruise that allows access to smaller coves, reefs, and ports. Afterward, read your favorite book on a picture-perfect deserted island or take a hike up the mountain tops to enjoy the gorgeous view of the US Virgin Islands. You could even make Puerto Rico a stop on your personalized cruise. Contact our travel experts to start planning your dream Caribbean trip today!
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10 Top U.S. Virgin Islands Small Ship Cruises for 2022-2023

Best Small Ship Caribbean Cruises
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Best Time to Visit the U.S Virgin Islands

The best time to visit the U.S. Virgin Islands is between April and June. This is because there's very little rainfall, the temperatures are comfortable in the mid-70's to 80's (Between 21-27 degrees Celsius), and it's not the peak tourism season resulting in less expensive lodging and activities along with fewer crowds.

Between December and March is also a good time to go but this is the peak tourism season so hotel and activity prices can raise as much as 50 percent.

Between July and November you'll find unbelievable deals but these months are during hurricane season so it's not recommended that you go during this time.

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