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Wildlife of China

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China travel, once consisting primarily of historic and cultural exploration, is now including opportunities to discover the country's incredible wildlife as well. The country's vast regions, diverse terrain, and climate variations allow for an expansive variation of flora and fauna during a China trip. More than 100 species of wildlife make their home only in China, including the well-known giant panda, golden haired monkey, South China tiger, and red-crowned crane. China has nearly 500 animal species, 1,189 bird species, and more than 500 reptile and amphibian species. Of the fifteen known crane species in the world, nine are found in China as well as 18 species of primates not found in other countries of the same latitude. When traveling through China on a wildlife tour, expect to be impressed by a wildlife rivaling some of the world’s most diverse regions.

In order to preserve these peculiar and rare species, wildlife conservation efforts in China have begun to win international support. Organizations are beginning to raise people's awareness and promote studies and research. Following the founding of the China Wildlife Conservation Association (CWCA) in 1983, the Chinese government passed the Wildlife Protection Law paving the way to establish conservation policies. By the end of 1995, more than 574 forest or wildlife reserves were established and 8.7% of China's national territory was declared to be national forest area. Success from these efforts is already becoming visible in the gradual recovery of some endangered species population growths including the golden monkey, takin, eld's deer, and Chinese alligator.

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