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While all of our China tours and expeditions have opportunities to see the dramatic landscapes and ancient archaeological sites, we also feature several tours that offer a more in-depth look at the local culture. China spans across a huge portion of Asia, so the cultural identities of each town are as varied and diverse as the dialects. Depending on which you choose, you could enjoy a homestay with a Tibetan family, see the festivities of several towns as they ring in the Chinese New Year, or listen to local pipe players & practice local pottery in a Miao village, just to name a few options. No trip is complete without getting to know the people, so make sure your trip is not just a scenic destination but a cultural immersion. Start planning now.
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Farmer in rural China

Legendary Yunnan

10 Day Itinerary
  • Walk along the Jade Trail
  • Visit the bustling Xizhou market
  • Climb Lion Hill for panoramic views
  • Explore Nixi Pottery Village
Activities: Land, Local Market, Village Visit
Activity Level: Relaxed
Spend ten days exploring the rich cultural diversity of the Yunnan province on a China culture tour. Visit Kunming, Lijiang and old town Dali as you learn about the centuries-old history that has shaped the cultural landscape found in this region today. Roughly half of all ethnic minority groups in …
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Tianmenshan National Park in Hunan Province

Hiking Enchanted China

10 Day Itinerary
  • Visit a small Miao village
  • Hike to waterfalls & along rivers
  • Explore Fenghuang Ancient Town
  • View Qinglong Cave Temple
Activities: Hiking, Homestay, Land, Village Visit
Activity Level: Challenging
Guizhou is one of the most diverse provinces in China, with 18 various ethnic groups including the Miao, Dong, and more. Spend 10 days hiking from rural villages to ancient towns. Connect with the locals, and learn about their more isolated way of life. Hike in Zhangjiajie National Park, a UNESCO …
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Cruising the blue-green waters of the Yangzi

Yichang to Chongqing

5 Day Itinerary aboard Yangzi Explorer
  • Cruise upstream on the Yangzi
  • Visit the Three Gorges Project Dam
  • Explore Relocated Fengdu
Activities: Local Market, River Cruise, Village Visit, Wildlife Viewing
Activity Level: Relaxed
Embark the Yangzi Explorer for your 5-day Yangzi Rivercruise from Yichang toChongqing on an upstream course through the Three Gorges region. Learn about the history and culture of the region. The total length of this cruise is 660 kilometers (402 miles) and is considered by most Chinese to …
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Spectacular views in Amdo Tibet

Amdo Tibet Homestay

6 Day Itinerary
  • Stay in Tiewu Village
  • Hike Draga-na Gorge
  • Explore Langmusi Village
  • Participate in a cooking class
Activities: Community Stay, Cooking Class, Land, Trekking & Hiking, Village Visit
Activity Level: Easy Active
Get an inside look into the Tibetan way of life on this 6-day journey into the Amdo Tibetan region. Stay with a family in a small mountain village and witness their way of life first hand. Enjoy their cuisine and try your hand at cooking side by side with your local hosts. This cultural tour will …
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Traditional Chinese sachets for New Year's

Chinese New Year Festival

6 Day Itinerary
  • Experience New Year Eve traditions
  • Explore World Heritage Sites
  • Partake in Spring Festival
  • Enjoy Sichuan cuisine
Activities: Festivals, Land
Activity Level: Relaxed
Celebrate the Chinese New Year with a local family in the Sichuan Province. Experience their traditions on New Year's Eve as you write spring couplets, do crafts, and make dumplings with your host family. As the festivities continue throughout the week travel to Dujiangyan and Mount Qingchen to …
Tour Details
Harbin Ice Festival

Harbin Ice Festival

3 Day Itinerary
  • View snow sculptures at Sun Island
  • Drive through Siberian Tiger Park
  • Tour the Provincial Museum
Activities: Festivals, Land, Wildlife Viewing
Activity Level: Relaxed
Add an extra 3 days to your China tour and visit the Harbin Ice Festival during the month of January or early February when the weather is coldest. Explore this winter wonderland and see the impressive ice sculptures and lit buildings that this city creates for their Ice Festival each year. Add …
Tour Details
Embarking on a Zodiac excurison

Chongqing to Yichang

4 Day Itinerary aboard Yangzi Explorer
  • Cruise the Three Gorges region
  • Visit Fengdu's local markets
  • Enjoy fascinating lectures
Activities: Local Market, River Cruise, Small Ship Cruise, Village Visit
Activity Level: Relaxed
Embark M.S Yangzi Explorer for your cruise toYichang. This ship sets sail on its downstream course through the Three Gorges region. Explore this remote breathtaking portion of the Yangzi River and learn the history and culture of the region. The total length of this cruise is 660 kilometers (402 …
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Dragon Boat Festival in Guizhou

Dragon Boat Festival

4 Day Itinerary
Activities: Festivals, Land
Activity Level: Relaxed
Add time to a China trip in July to come witness the Miao dragon boat festival along the Qingshuijiang River in the Guizhou Province. Learn about the unique subcultures here within the minority groups in the region and visit local villages to learn about their way of life. Witness two days of the …
Tour Details
Fa Yuen Street Market in Hong Kong

Asia, a Blend of Tradition and Modernity

15 Day Itinerary aboard Le Laperouse
  • Sail around Ha Long Bay
  • Visit and explore Osaka
  • Visit UNESCO World Heritage Sites
  • Explore Shanghai city
Activities: Archaeological Sites, Land & Sea, Local Market, Small Ship Cruise, Spa & Relaxing, Village Visit
Activity Level: Relaxed
Set off to encounter age-old civilizations during an all-new 15-day cruise in Asia aboard Le Lapérouse. See the majestic Shinto Shrine in Miyajima whoseentrance is guarded by a magnificentvermilion torii. The famous Peace Memorial in Nagasaki which was built in tribute to the victims ofthe …
Cruise Details
Yuyuan garden in Shanghai

Asia: A Blend of Tradition and Modernity

14 Day Itinerary aboard Le Laperouse
  • Discover Itsukushima Shrine
  • Sail around Ha Long Bay
  • Explore Shanghai
  • Visit Qin Emperor's mausoleum
Activities: Small Ship Cruise, Urban Exploration, Village Visit
Activity Level: Relaxed
Embark inOsaka, a modern, forward-looking city, in the heart of the Japanese archipelago. Visit Hiroshima, the gateway to theMiyajima, home to the majestic Shinto Shrine, whose entrance is guarded by a magnificentvermilion torii.Le Lapérousethen set sail forShanghai,a futuristic citywith a …
Cruise Details
Dancers in a Barong Dance show

Gems of South-East Asia

17 Day Itinerary aboard Le Laperouse
  • Visit several UNESCO sites
  • Sail to six Asian countries
  • Explore different cultural landmark
  • See the diverse city of Singapore
  • Enjoy wildlife encounter
  • Discover El Nido
Activities: Archaeological Sites, Local Market, Photography Seminars, Small Ship Cruise, Snorkeling
Activity Level: Relaxed
Visitthemysterious lands of South-East Asiawith this exclusive itinerary coveringsix countries! From Bali to Hong Kong, embarkLe Lapérouseforan exceptional17-day cruise. From Semarang, you will visit the incredibleBorobudursite. Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site, this monumental …
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