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Exploring Ancient Egypt \ Photos

We are in Egypt!
The Pyramids of Giza
Our egyptologist, Zainab
Robbers' entrance to the pyramid
Sleepy camels at the Pyramids of Giza
Take a camel ride around the pyramids.
Cheops Boat Museum
Zainab explains the boat reconstruction
Shakira and Beyonce performed here recently at the Sphinx
The Sphinx
Pyramids outside of Cairo
Suburbs of Cairo from the bus window
The Nile in Cairo
Lunch at Le Pacha
armed guards everywhere for tourist safety
the unfinished Obelisk
Philae Temple
A beautiful ancient temple
Beautiful Egyptian Carvings
rooftop of the Nile Adventurer
Kom Ombo Temple from a distance
Afternoon tea
Cooking class by the head chef
Sunset on the Nile
Zainab helps Kelly with her headscarf
Isador and Susan from South Africa
Galabayya Party
Real Egyptian Cuisine
Celebrating with dance
Sunrise on the Nile
Hatshepsut Temple
Train to the entrance
4000 year old tree
Visit the ruins of Egypt
Ancient Egyptian Carvings
Witness the carvings of Egypt
Valley of the Queens
The amazing carvings of the Karnak Temple
A couple standing amongst egyptian ruins.
Travelers wandering the amazing ruins
A guide explains the history of the ruins.
Luxor Temple
A view of the Luxor Temple
This traveler shows the true size of these amazing sculptures
Avenue of the Kings
yay for Wifi
Farewell Dinner onboard
Ice cream cake
our standard cabin
A cabin aboard the Nile Adventurer
Ron bellydancing
Alfonso dancing it up
We are a little shy
whirling dervish show
Dancing in traditional style
last night onboard
study/business room
grand staircase
goodbye Luxor
Birthday breakfast in Dahab
a very happy 27th birthday with my espresso
The boardwalk in Dahab
Out our balcony at the Penguin hotel
Christina Beach Hotel
Our room at Christina Beach Hotel
The hotel bathroom.
Christina Beach Hotel
The pool at Christina Beach Hotel
Looking into the hotel from the boardwalk
Relax on the beach in Egypt.
Enjoy some scuba diving on your trip.
Tahini, baba ganoush, hummus and more amazing dips
oh, the cats
my birthday dinner - not too bad
before sunrise on Mt. Sinai
Mt. Sinai at sunrise.
Mt. Sinai at sunrise.
Mt Sinai sunrise - Amazing
Sunlight touching the peaks
Travelers getting a good view from up high.
St. Catherine's monastery from the canyon
The "burning bush" St. Catherine's monastery
Inside St. Catherine's monastery
Biking along Dahab's coast.
We are snorkeling in the Red Sea!
We are snorkeling in the Red Sea!
Eel! It was two feet from my hand
Getting ready to snorkel in the Red Sea.
that way
We are snorkeling in the Red Sea!
Beautiful colorful fish
The coral reef drops off
We are snorkeling in the Red Sea!
Sea cucumber
A view of the ocean floor
dodging the fishes
the drop off
Dinner by candlelight. Note the night divers in background
Cristina Residence
Caffeine hitting the face!
Are we in Europe?
Enjoy authentic cuisine while on your journey
The Chege's dining room
the bedroom
the living room
We're in Cairo - thank God for Starbucks
old jeans?  of course
Matt and Wawa enjoy another gourmet breakfast by our hosts
Heba's home and family - their Arabic teacher
Coptic Cairo
Enjoy the beautifully decorated architecture.
Volunteer guides from the church gave us a tour
Enjoy the art that decorates the architecture in Egypt.
each piece was symbolic
the moat
See all the unique architecture on your Egypt adventure.
Spending the day exploring the history of Egypt.
Enjoying a Shawarma lunch which consists of a variety of meats that are on a spit.
the metro
typical taxi in Cairo - note the Quran on the dash
outside Khan al Khalili market
Enjoy a variety of local goods at the Khan al Khalili market.
light traffic in Cairo
the infestacious felines
Kristen's friends Michael and Eva
Getting a henna tattoo.
A local carries a huge flat of pita bread
The oldest university in the world
Experience the unique and beautifully ornate architecture in Egypt.
Escaping to Al-Azhar park
Fountains in the park at night.
A couple in the park in Egypt.
A couple in the park in Egypt.
A view of the Citadel from the park
A couple sits on a hill to admire the view.
Overlooking the city.
Henna tattoos done by a local in Egypt.
Eva and Kristen in the front seat
Enjoy the delicious local food of Egypt.
Eva's dad
Kristen and Eva's mom
the whole family!
the infamous porch swing
the Citadel - just missed it!
outside the Chege's flat
Enjoy a delicious meal while on your journey.
Matt translating Arabic with Eva's husband
Enjoy some delicious street food.
Sara and her daughter Estefani
Sunset over the city of Cairo

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