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The Best Time to Visit the Falkland Islands

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The best time to visit the Falkland Islands is over the Southern Hemisphere’s summer and fall between November and April when the days are longer, the wildlife is active, and more of the archipelago is accessible for travelers. The Southern Hemisphere’s summer is opposite to the Northern Hemisphere’s, so summer in the Southern Hemisphere is winter in the Northern Hemisphere.

Cruises to the Falkland Islands combine other wildlife active areas in the region including South Georgia Island. Each month has its own highlights that put you center stage for the incredible wildlife that brings people to explore the arctic regions of the world year-round. 

November is the start of the summer when elephant seals mate and five species of penguins have laid their eggs. The chicks start to hatch by the middle of the month, which is a truly breathtaking sight. The gentoo penguin population here is the largest in the world, and seeing the adults and their offspring is an extremely common sight throughout both the inhabited and the uninhabited islands. 

December is a time when sea lions return to the Falkland Islands to have their pups and mate. There are over 90 breeding sites in the archipelago. Females arrive first to give birth, followed by males who come later in the season. This month is also the time to see elephant seal pups on Sea Lion Island and discover newborn penguin chicks at the rookeries around the islands.

In January, Gentoo, Magellanic, and southern rockhopper penguins’ chicks have hatched. Their chicks are seen in large flocks being cared for by their parents. Elephant seals are often spotted on beaches for their yearly molt after having their pups. Albatross colonies are also active during this time with newborn chicks being tended to by their parents after foraging for food at sea.

February is the end of summer in the Falkland Islands when temperatures start to drop towards the end of the month and significantly fewer people visit the area. It’s a good month for whale watching as sei whales, southern right whales, orcas, and blue whales are seen in the open sea and along the shores of islands early in the morning. The king penguin population at Volunteer Point on Stanley Island is also a highlight, as their longer breeding period results in finding many birds with ease at various stages of growth during both the summer and fall.

March is when penguin chicks shed their baby feathers and adults begin to molt towards the end of the month. Sea lions, elephant seals, and migratory penguins are still in residence but are getting ready to move on for the winter.
Additionally, towards the end of March is the annual Stanley Marathon on Stanley Island. The massive variety of wildlife you’ll see during the marathon makes running all the more interesting. 

Temperatures drop during April as the colder months approach. Whales are still spotted, wildlife is still active, and birds like the black-browed albatross can still be found at different sites in the islands. But by the end of the month, many of the migrating animals of the Falkland Islands will have moved on before the cold, snow, and ice set in for the winter.
For more information about a trip to the Falkland Islands that takes you deep into the Southern Hemisphere to view amazing wildlife, contact one of our travel experts now!

Falkland Islands (Shallow Bay)
Month Average Temperature °F (℃) Average Rainfall in. (mm)
January 49.6 (9.8) 2.3 (58)
February 50.4 (10.2) 1.7 (43)
March 48.7 (9.3) 1.8 (46)
April 44.4 (6.9) 1.9 (47)
May 40.1 (4.5) 1.9 (47)
June 37.2 (2.9) 1.7 (42)
July 36.9 (2.7) 1.6 (40)
August 37.6 (3.1) 1.3 (34)
September 39.4 (4.1) 1.1 (29)
October 43.2 (6.2) 1.1 (29)
November 46.4 (8.0) 1.4 (35)
December 48.4 (9.1) 2.0 (51)

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