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Neuschwanstein castle in Germany.

Best Germany Cruise River Ports

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Adventures on Germany cruises take you to river ports that have enchanted visitors for centuries with gorgeous and historically important towns like Berlin, Dresden, and Hamburg. Explore cities like Lutherstadt Wittenberg where Martin Luther nailed his theses to the door of the church, discover Treir- the oldest town in the country, and try the fine wines of both Breisach and the village of Bernkastel.

Sitting across from France on the Rhine River, Breisach is well known for its wine, food, and picturesque rows of colorful houses surrounding the town’s cathedral. 

The hip culture of the capital city of Germany is born from the city’s rebirth and the unification of the country. Its history is still a fresh reminder of the past and its landmarks include palaces, parts of the Berlin Wall, the Academy of Arts, and the Brandenburg Gate.

Lutherstadt Wittenberg
Located on the Elbe River, Wittenberg is forever intertwined with the Protestant religion, it’s the sight where Martin Luther nailed his theses to the Catholic church’s doors, starting a religious revolution that is memorialized at different sites and houses around town.

One of the success stories of the reunification of Germany and rebuilt brick by brick after being destroyed in WWII, Dresden today has a modern wealth of attractions ranging from Baroque churches and royal palaces to museums with priceless artifacts, stately gardens, and public promenades overlooking the Elbe River.

Home to the biggest port in Germany, Hamburg has a distinct identity as an international city firmly rooted in gourmet food, stunning architecture, music, history, and cutting-edge culture that gives the other hotspots in the country a new standard to meet.

A medieval city at the meeting point of two rivers, Tangermünde’s half-timber buildings, its significance as the royal residence of Holy Roman Emperor Charles IV, and its historic buildings make it a place to discover the depth of the history of the country. 

Terraced gardens, immaculate public spaces, and royal gardens greet those who visit Potsdam- the city that was used as the residence of Fredrick the Great who was responsible for many of the marvelous buildings around town.

Sitting on a bank of the Moselle River and across from the town of Kues, Bernkastel is a city where historic half-timber houses line the streets while wall-to-wall wine taverns that serve local varietals from one of the country’s best wine-producing regions are the place to sit and unwind after exploring the town.

Dating back to the 17th century and once a Roman stronghold, the city of Trier is the birthplace of Karl Marx, has the oldest cathedral in the country, and boasts Roman ruins including an amphitheater and massive stone gate that are the most well-preserved remnants of the empire in the country.
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