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Favorite Foods to Try on the Atlantic Coast

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There's no better place to enjoy seafood on the United States' east coast than New England. Freshly caught each day by fishermen whose families have been at it for generations, it seems that everyone in New England has their own unique recipes for preparing fish and shellfish. As you venture further south, be sure to get a taste of the beloved foods of New York, Baltimore, and beyond.

Enjoying a classic lobster roll by the harbor
Enjoying a classic lobster roll by the harbor

Maine has some of the best lobster in the world, known for its sweet flavor. Try it simple and steamed, or in a sandwich: the beloved lobster roll is a favorite throughout New England, with delicious local variations. 

Clam Chowder
Creamy and delicious, New England clam chowder is a Boston favorite, cooked with fresh clams, cream, and potatoes, and served with rolls or oyster crackers to add a crunch to the smooth texture. Further south, Manhattan clam chowder offers a different blend of flavors, thanks to its lighter broth and tomato base. Be sure to try both on your Atlantic Coast journey!

There are a number of small and medium-sized family-owned vineyards and wineries in New England, proud to invite you to enjoy their vintages. 

While New York City is known as a major melting pot with stellar cuisine from cultures all over the world, one thing the city is known for in its own right is its pizza: massive pies with thin crusts that strike the perfect balance of soft and foldable with irresistible crispiness. Whatever toppings you choose, grab a slice to go as you explore this energetic city. 

Blue Crab
Steamed or boiled or baked into crab cakes, the blue crabs of the Chesapeake Bay area are well-known and loved for their mild, subtly sweet flavor and light, flaky meat. Whether you try it steamed, boiled, fried, or in a sandwich; plain, buttered, or sprinkled with Old Bay seasoning, Maryland's signature crustacean is sure to delight. 

The southern United States is a region well-known for its distinctive culture, complicated history, and famously delicious cuisine. In historic cities like Charleston, South Carolina and Savannah, Georgia, be sure to take the time to venture off the beaten path and enjoy some of these signature dishes of the South.

Shrimp & grits, a culinary favorite of the South
Shrimp & grits, a culinary favorite of the South

Shrimp & Grits
A classic combination of local foods, there's something inherently cozy about a warm bowl of humble grits (a cornmeal porridge similar to polenta, and sometimes called hominy) topped with fresh shrimp. Try other toppings such as cheese, bacon, and roasted peppers to dress up this much-loved dish. 

Lowcountry Boil
Alternatively known as "Frogmore stew" for the barrier island community where it was developed, a lowcountry boil is both a dish and an event! The meal combines shrimp, crab, corn on the cob, baby red potatoes, and smoked sausage, often cooked with beer and seasoned with cajun spices. It's a great social gathering dish, often served casually on newspaper-lined trays, and usually somewhere within view of the sea. 

She-Crab Soup
This creamy, savory soup is a cuisine staple of South Carolina, especially the historic coastal city of Charleston. Velvety with heavy cream and thick with sweet crabmeat balanced by the tang of sherry and crab roe, it's a distinctive dish that you'll remember long after you leave this beautiful region behind.

A beloved treat of the south, the term can actually mean two different treats: "pecan pralines" are patty-shaped candies containing pecans and other ingredients, often buttery caramel and chocolate; "praline pecans," on the other hand, are individual pecans with a candy coating. Whichever option you taste (and truly, we recommend both), this sweet treat conveys all the warmth and tradition of Southern hospitality. Pick some up as you stroll through Savannah, Georgia, the "Hostess City of the South."

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