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Pig Roasts and Pineapples

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Marquesan food definitely fits into the Polynesian genre of cuisine. The umu, or roast pig, is not only a delicious dish but an important cultural element as well. The pig is buried in a pit on top of hot coals, and roasts for hours in mouth-watering spices before it is unearthed for the feast.

Poisson cru, Polynesian ceviche, is also a common dish in the Marquesas. Seafood figures heavily in the Marquesan diet, and cruise to these South Pacific Islands will whet your taste buds with great seafood dishes. Tropical fruits, such as pineapple, citrus, and sometime plum are common. Taro, coconut, sweet potatoes, and bananas were traditional crops on the islands, and are still used in Marquesan cooking.

The large islands also have a few restaurants featuring delicious fusion cooking, mixing Polynesian and international foods for an exciting culinary experience on your cruise to the Marquesas islands.

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