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Tanzania Adventure! \ Photos

Our Tiny House in Amsterdam
Most amazing stroopwafel of my life - fresh from Albert Cuyp Market.
More goodies from the Albert Cuyp Market.
The canal just a quick walk from our AirBnB.
A canal cruise was the perfect way to see the city in the short time we had.
Beautiful buildings in Amsterdam.
Amsterdam is even more beautiful at night.
Layover in Amsterdam helped with jet lag - highly recommended.
Visa purchased ahead of time and at the front of the line.
The entry process into Tanzania didn't take too long, but it would have been longer if we were at the end of the line.
Best soup of my life.
Early mornings, but with this alarm, it reminded me to savor every second. I was in AFRICA!
Mount Kilimanjaro welcomed us on our first morning in Tanzania.
Lake Manyara and some moody weather.
Favorite spot while searching for animals.
One of the many baboons we saw at Lake Manyara.
Our guide, Rama, said there could have been 150+ in this troop.
The babies were adorable, of course!
Expressive Blue Monkey at Lake Manyara.
My handsome safari man holding on to the bars of our trusty safari vehicle, Rafiki.
Vervet monkeys and their babies.
We sat and watched them for a long while.
Vervet monkeys are also aptly named blue ball monkeys.
Lake Manyara area is so lush and green thanks to many underground rivers.
Handsome hornbill.
These tough ladies helped us with our heavy bags.
Our Bush TV at Migunga Tented Camp.
Our home for the evening at Migunga Tented Camp.
Exploring the market at Mto Wa Mbu.
Beautiful fresh fruits, veggies, and dried fish.
Beautiful local making fried bananas.
Helping the locals pack their bananas to ship to other locations.
I was impressed with how much they could fit on a bike.
Local wood carvers, passing down the trade to their children.
Walking through the streets to see the average Tanzanian life style.
Enjoying some local banana beer!
More local goodies being fried up to enjoy.
Christmas tree in the middle of the dry desert on our way to Lake Natron.
Ol Dionyo Lengai - the only active mountain in Tanzania.
Bustard bird enduring the rare rain.
Natron Halisi Camp - best views of the mountain and upcoming storms.
We were also treated with a beautiful morning which meant the staff set up breakfast outside in the morning sunshine.
Best breakfasts ever. I loved the banana crepes and the homemade marmalade.
Lovely Maasai ladies showing us their handmade items for sale.
Best photo from the trip in my opinion. These baby giraffe struck a pose and I couldn't resist.
Our Maasai guide, Lemra, holding up the horns of a wildebeest.
We loved Lemra!
Walking on the old lava was amazing. We saw footprints set in stone from early Maasai travelers.
Made it to the lake and saw lots of flamingos.
Greater and lesser flamingos (pink and white).
Lemra said there were a lot close to the shore that day - we were lucky.
We really enjoyed our afternoon hike to the falls.
Our friends from Holland navigating the river trail.
We had a nice dip past that log and then rode down the right side like a waterslide to return. Amazing oasis in the middle of a desert.
Love my travel buddy.
We witnessed some epic storms while at Lake Natron. Just gorgeous.
Warm and musical welcome from Maasai women into their home.
Attempting to milk a cow. I wasn't very successful and the cow didn't like me much.
Beautiful Maasai mom with her baby helping to milk the cows for the morning.
Watching a man (try to) do it was the most entertaining for them.
After the rains, their house needed patching up.
They sweetly helped me wash my hands with precious water.
Rama found us our new home. They were surprisingly spacious inside.
I couldn't get enough of these sweet babes.
Our time in Lake Natron with the Maasai people will be with us forever. The upcoming animals are just a bonus.
On to the Serengeti with Rama and Rafiki.
They became best buds, or brothers - "caca" in Swahili.
One of my favorite antelope, the Topi.
First sighting of lions and we caught a male and female mating.
Beautiful creatures, giraffes.
He was a proud lion. :)
We loved watching hippos as they grumbled at each other and yawned.
One of the best highlights of our trip was seeing the Serengeti by balloon.
Our trusty pilot, riding the thermals.
Witnessing the waves of wildebeest and zebra really showed the massive numbers on the ground.
We traveled with another balloon witch provided photographic moments.
We met some friends and shared the experience with 14 other travelers in the same basket.
Hovering over a trail of wildebeest.
We floated over some hippo pools.
This hillside was covered in animals!
We enjoyed our pilot who has been flying hot air balloons for many years.
As per tradition, we enjoyed champagne.
These were the two pilots of the two air balloons - they were so much fun.
Beautiful outdoor location for our delicious breakfast.
We enjoyed the morning so much and by this time it was only 8:30 AM.
Full English style breakfast with more champagne and coffee.
Our pilot gave us a certificate as a memorable souvenir.
Serengeti sunrise
Watched hippos return to their pool after a night of feeding. Happy hippos.
Snuggly hippos.
We loved our safari vehicle, Rafiki.
Hippo ready to squeeze its way into the pool.
Leopard cub peeking at us from his branch.
Momma leopard leaping out of the tree after doing her best to protect her kill from a circling bird. She wasn't too happy we were there watching.
She went to a nearby tree that looked a lot more comfortable and less thorny.
Beautiful, wrinkly elephants.
I took a lot of photos of these beautiful elephants.
In the Serengeti, you would see tons of wildebeest behind the small elephant herd.
They usually only have around 10 elephants in one herd as they wander, eat, and find water to drink.
One of my favorite birds, a superb starling.
Lady ostrich.
Male ostrich not too far from his lady. He was really pink.
Lunch break with delicious refreshments.
Hyena in a mud puddle to help with digestion.
Safari rides were always putting a smile on my face.
Rafiki, Rama, and wildebeest posing for a picture with us.
Still in awe we were in the Serengeti.
A cheetah and her own pride rock.
Cheetah making her way to pride rock.
Her baby joined her.
Hugs at our favorite accommodation - Pakulala on top of Ngorongoro Crater.
We had a fun night with cozy blankets, our bush tv, the best view, popcorn and some drinks. It just doesn't get better.
Zebras...right outside our door.
I couldn't get over how close they were to us!
Love those stripes.
Pakulala had the best food as well. We were so grateful for our chef.
They sent us off with music and a happy birthday song for my hubby.
We watched these zebra itch themselves on the rock for a good 10 minutes. I laughed so hard.
So itchy...
Another bustard bird - much drier than the first.
One of the cutest hyenas we saw. Still a little scrappy.
Cape Buffalo
We saw a lot of cape buffalo in Ngorongoro.
We enjoyed seeing so many animals together, zebra, hippo, warthogs, and hyena all around the same pool.
Our last of the Big Five - Mr. Rhino.
Male and female lion on their honeymoon.
Tarangire Safari Lodge helped make my husband's birthday so special. It was one of the staff member, Susan's, birthday as well.
Water buck buck.
Beautiful lioness about to give us a show.
She stalked zebra...
And then she pounced.
Real life Zazu hornbill.
Dust bath for this momma elephant and her baby.
This elephant calf nursed a few times - very sweet.
I'm going to be honest, I took a lot of photos of elephants. Every view was amazing. :)
We saw what Rama called a "reunion" of elephants which only happens a few times a year.
We loved seeing giraffe in every park. They were definitely my favorites.
Down by the water hole.
See a giraffe drink water, check.
See baby elephants help each other up off of the ground, check.
We were so entertained by this "reunion" of elephants. It was hard to leave.
The calves all had so much fun playing together.
The little one lying on the ground was by far my favorite.
Clumsy and absolutely adorable.
The rocks were so good for itching the bum.
Two males were close to the road and were the last big animals we saw on safari in our last park, Tarangire.
I think his name is Scar. :)
We loved the massive Baobab trees.
Goodbye Tarangire!
Off to Zanzibar on a tiny plane.
We ate nothing but seafood as soon as we arrived.
Stonetown was beautiful and our hotel, Stonetown Cafe B&B had the most gorgeous architecture.
We enjoyed our first night in Stonetown.
Our guide telling us about all of the plants/spices/fruits on their farm. This was a tree that has its leaves used for henna.
His assistant guide was our favorite and we called him, Tarzan.
It got a little rainy on our spice tour.
Annato used to dye things red.
Tarzan looked beautiful with his red lips from the Annato or lipstick tree.
We enjoyed all of the fresh fruit!
Massive jack fruit.
They made us King and Queen of the spices by the end.
We loved our beach days in Ngunwi.
Our favorite was our two sailing experience, once snorkeling and the other at sunset.
We had to enjoy the sunshine while we could in Zanzibar before heading home to a Montana winter.
Horseback riding on the beach was definitely a highlight.
White sand, blue water - nothing better.
Newly hatched turtles...
Baby turtles - 3 months
Feeding them was so much fun.
Handsome beach buddy.
The beach area by our hotel, Flametree Cottages, was perfect.
We booked all of our tours through the hotel and enjoyed snorkeling.
We enjoyed the local beers, Safari, Serengeti, and Kilimanjaro.
My favorite souvenir - henna.
He really enjoyed his massage - even if it was out in the open.
Other people doing a horse back ride on the beach.
My favorite beverage was this ginger beer. Last one of the trip on our sunset cruise.
Crystal clear waters to see the urchin and star fish.
Sun set sail.
Last night of our trip - had to savor every second.
The most gorgeous sunset of the trip was saved for the last night. :)
Goodbye Zanzibar!
We had a few hotel inspections on our way home and I had one last amazing soup.
And some incredible fish - all at the Arumeru River Lodge.
We hated having to say goodbye to our guide and new friend, Rama.
Thanks for the best trip ever, Rama.
He loved his new caca (brother).
Kili even said goodbye on our way to the airport. What a wonderful and unforgettable trip.

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