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Traditional Thai architecture and decor

Top 14 Things to Do & See inThailand - Must-See Attractions & Experiences

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Top Things to Do in Thailand

Thailand, known as the "Land of Smiles," is a country of diverse landscapes, rich cultural heritage, and vibrant cities. From its pristine beaches and lush jungles to its ornate temples and bustling markets, Thailand offers a myriad of experiences for every type of traveler. Whether you're an adventure seeker, a food enthusiast, a history buff, or a nature lover, Thailand has something extraordinary to offer. Let's delve into the top attractions and activities that make Thailand a must-visit destination.

Exploring Bangkok temples
Exploring Bangkok temples

Bangkok's Grand Palace

Explore the stunning architecture and rich history of Bangkok's Grand Palace, which served as the official residence of the Thai royal family for over 150 years. Marvel at the intricate details of the buildings, including the Temple of the Emerald Buddha, and immerse yourself in Thai culture and tradition.
Who it appeals to: History buffs, culture enthusiasts, and anyone interested in experiencing the grandeur of Thai royalty will enjoy a visit to the Grand Palace.
Insider Tips: Arrive early to avoid crowds and dress modestly, covering shoulders and knees as a sign of respect. Consider hiring a guide to learn about the significance of each architectural feature and historical artifact.
Practicalities: The Grand Palace is located in the heart of Bangkok, with easy access by public transportation or taxi. Admission fees apply, and visitors should be prepared for security checks upon entry.

Loy Krathong festival lanterns over Wat Arun in Bangkok
Loy Krathong festival lanterns over Wat Arun in Bangkok

Thai Festivals

Immerse yourself in the vibrant colors, lively music, and rich traditions of Thai festivals, which celebrate everything from religious holidays and cultural events to seasonal harvests and water splashing. Join locals in festive parades, temple ceremonies, and street celebrations for an unforgettable cultural experience.
Who it appeals to: Culture enthusiasts, partygoers, and anyone interested in experiencing the joy and vitality of Thai festivals will enjoy participating in these colorful events.
Insider Tips: Plan your visit to coincide with major festivals such as Songkran (Thai New Year), Loy Krathong (Festival of Lights), or the Phi Ta Khon Ghost Festival for a truly immersive cultural experience. Be prepared to get wet during Songkran festivities, as water fights are a central part of the celebration.
Practicalities: Thai festivals are celebrated throughout the year and vary by region and date. Check local event calendars and ask locals for recommendations on the best festivals to attend during your visit.

Reclining Buddha at Wat Pho
Reclining Buddha at Wat Pho

Wat Pho

Discover the beauty and tranquility of Wat Pho, one of Bangkok's oldest and largest temples, renowned for its giant reclining Buddha statue and traditional Thai massage school. Wander through the temple complex, adorned with ornate pagodas, colorful murals, and intricate stone carvings.
Who it appeals to: Spiritual seekers, architecture enthusiasts, and wellness enthusiasts interested in traditional Thai massage will appreciate a visit to Wat Pho.
Insider Tips: Take off your shoes before entering the temple buildings and be respectful of worshippers. Consider booking a massage at the traditional Thai massage school for a rejuvenating and authentic experience.
Practicalities: Wat Pho is located adjacent to the Grand Palace in Bangkok, with easy access by public transportation or taxi. Admission fees apply, and visitors should dress modestly.

Talaat Naam -- Thailand's floating markets
Talaat Naam -- Thailand's floating markets

Floating Markets

Embark on a culinary adventure at Thailand's floating markets, where vendors sell fresh produce, local delicacies, and handmade crafts from boats along bustling canals. Sample exotic fruits, savory snacks, and aromatic dishes while soaking up the vibrant atmosphere of these colorful markets.
Who it appeals to: Foodies, shoppers, and anyone seeking an authentic taste of Thai culture will enjoy exploring the floating markets.
Insider Tips: Visit popular floating markets such as Damnoen Saduak or Amphawa early in the morning to avoid crowds and experience the market at its liveliest. Bring cash and be prepared to haggle for the best prices.
Practicalities: Floating markets are located throughout Thailand, with some of the most famous ones located near Bangkok. Visitors can join guided tours or explore independently by boat or taxi.

Wat Phra That Doi Suthep
Wat Phra That Doi Suthep

Chiang Mai's Temples

Immerse yourself in the spiritual and cultural heritage of Chiang Mai by exploring its ancient temples, known locally as "wats." Wander through the historic Old City and visit iconic temples such as Wat Phra Singh, Wat Chedi Luang, and Wat Chiang Man, each showcasing exquisite architecture and sacred relics.
Who it appeals to: History buffs, architecture enthusiasts, and spiritual seekers interested in Thai Buddhism will enjoy exploring Chiang Mai's temples.
Insider Tips: Visit temples early in the morning or late in the afternoon to avoid crowds and experience a sense of tranquility. Dress modestly and remove your shoes before entering temple buildings.
Practicalities: Chiang Mai's temples are located throughout the Old City and are easily accessible on foot, by bicycle, or by tuk-tuk. Admission fees may apply at some temples.

Temples of Ayutthaya
Temples of Ayutthaya

Historic Ayutthaya

As the ancient capital of Siam, Ayutthaya holds a treasure trove of historical and archaeological wonders. The UNESCO World Heritage Site is home to a collection of awe-inspiring ruins, including grand palaces, towering prangs, and intricately carved stupas. Exploring this historical park provides a glimpse into Thailand's glorious past and the architectural marvels of a bygone era.
Who it appeals to: History enthusiasts, culture aficionados, and photography enthusiasts will be enthralled by the splendid remnants of ancient Ayutthaya. This destination is also suitable for families with older children.
Insider Tips: Visit during the early hours of the morning to avoid the crowds and witness the sunrise over the ancient ruins, creating a magical ambiance. Hiring a local guide can provide valuable insights into the history and significance of each site.
Practicalities: Ayutthaya is located about 50 miles north of Bangkok and can be reached by train, bus, or a guided tour. The entrance fee to the historical park is approximately 50 baht, and visitors should allocate at least half a day to explore the area thoroughly.

Epic Railay Beach

Tucked away on the coast of the Krabi Province, Railay Beach is a tropical paradise renowned for its stunning limestone cliffs, clear turquoise waters, and pristine sandy shores. This isolated peninsula can only be accessed by boat, adding to its secluded and serene ambiance, making it a haven for beach lovers and adventure seekers.
Who it appeals to: Beach enthusiasts, rock climbers, and honeymooners seeking a romantic getaway will find Railay Beach to be a slice of paradise. Families can enjoy a relaxed day by the beach, but the area is not suitable for individuals with mobility challenges due to its rugged terrain.
Insider Tips: Venture to the nearby Phra Nang Cave Beach, famous for its otherworldly limestone formations and a mystical shrine inside the cave. Rock climbing enthusiasts can find routes catering to various skill levels.
Practicalities: The best way to reach Railay Beach is by taking a boat from Ao Nang or Krabi Town. It's recommended to visit in the early morning before the influx of day-trippers and to stay until late afternoon to witness the breathtaking sunset.

Typical street food in Thailand, meat and seafood on sticks
Typical street food in Thailand, meat and seafood on sticks

Chiang Mai's Night Bazaar

As the sun sets over Chiang Mai, the Night Bazaar comes to life, beckoning visitors with its myriad of stalls, live music, delectable street food, and an electrifying atmosphere. This bustling market is the epicenter of Northern Thailand's shopping and culinary scene, offering a vibrant and authentic Thai experience.
Who it appeals to: Shopaholics, food enthusiasts, and culture aficionados will revel in the eclectic offerings of the Night Bazaar. Families can enjoy the lively ambiance and diverse food options, and it's accessible to elderly travelers as well.
Insider Tips: Bargaining is a common practice, so don't hesitate to negotiate prices when shopping for souvenirs, clothing, or local crafts. Venture to the adjacent Warorot Market for an authentic taste of local life and an array of tantalizing street food.
Practicalities: The Night Bazaar is open every evening from around 6 pm until midnight, and it's located in the heart of Chiang Mai. Visitors should be prepared for crowds, especially on weekends, but the lively ambiance is worth the experience.

The beautiful Phi Phi Island
The beautiful Phi Phi Island

Majestic Phi Phi Islands

The Phi Phi Islands, situated in the Andaman Sea, boast some of the most mesmerizing landscapes in Thailand. With their sheer limestone cliffs, crystal-clear waters teeming with marine life, and idyllic beaches, these islands are a tropical utopia for snorkelers, divers, and those seeking an escape to paradise.
Who it appeals to: Snorkeling and diving enthusiasts, beach lovers, and honeymooners looking for a romantic retreat will find the Phi Phi Islands to be truly enchanting. It's not suitable for travelers with limited mobility due to the rugged terrain and lack of accessibility features.
Insider Tips: Embark on a snorkeling excursion to Maya Bay, made famous by the movie "The Beach," and explore the vibrant marine ecosystem teeming with colorful fish and coral formations.
Practicalities: Visitors can reach the Phi Phi Islands by ferry or speedboat from Phuket or Krabi. It's advisable to visit early in the morning to avoid the influx of day-trippers and to savor the serene ambiance of the islands.

Sukhothai historical park - UNESCO World Heritage Site
Sukhothai historical park - UNESCO World Heritage Site

Sukhothai Historical Park

Nestled in the tranquil landscapes of Northern Thailand, the Sukhothai Historical Park is a testament to the grandeur of the country's ancient capital. The sprawling complex houses the remains of royal palaces, Buddhist temples, and intricately carved monuments, offering a glimpse into Thailand's golden age of art, architecture, and culture.
Who it appeals to: History buffs, culture enthusiasts, and photography aficionados will find the Sukhothai Historical Park to be a captivating journey through the country's storied past. Families can appreciate the educational value of the site as well.
Insider Tips: Rent a bicycle to explore the vast grounds at a leisurely pace, soaking in the serenity of the historical park and discovering hidden corners away from the main paths.
Practicalities: Sukhothai is located around 270 miles north of Bangkok and can be reached by bus, train, or a short flight. The entrance fee is approximately 100 baht, and visitors should allocate at least half a day to explore the park comprehensively.

Koh Samui's Secret Waterfalls

Amidst the lush tropical jungles of Koh Samui lie hidden cascades and serene waterfalls that offer a refreshing escape from the island's beaches. These tranquil oases provide a glimpse into the island's verdant interior and offer a soothing reprieve for nature lovers and adventure seekers.
Who it appeals to: Nature enthusiasts, hikers, and photography aficionados will find the secret waterfalls of Koh Samui to be an enchanting deviation from the island's coastal attractions. Families can enjoy a leisurely trek to the waterfalls, suitable for older children.
Insider Tips: Visit the waterfalls during the wet season (June to October) to witness the cascades at their fullest, and consider hiring a local guide who can navigate the jungle trails and provide valuable insights into the surrounding flora and fauna.
Practicalities: The waterfalls are scattered throughout the island, with Na Muang Waterfall being one of the most iconic. Visitors should prepare for a short hike to reach the falls and allocate a few hours to fully relish the experience.

Thailand goddess puppet show
Thailand goddess puppet show

Siam Niramit Show in Bangkok

Immerse yourself in Thailand's rich cultural tapestry with the spectacular Siam Niramit Show, a world-class performance that brings to life the country's heritage, beliefs, and artistic traditions. The show's grandiose sets, vibrant costumes, and captivating storytelling offer a mesmerizing journey into Thailand's folklore and history.
Who it appeals to: Culture enthusiasts, theater aficionados, and families seeking an enriching experience will be captivated by the grandeur and artistry of the Siam Niramit Show. The performance is suitable for all age groups and interests.
Insider Tips: Arrive early to explore the pre-show attractions, including traditional Thai village life demonstrations, elephant and boat parades, and cultural performances, enhancing the immersive experience of the evening.
Practicalities: The Siam Niramit Theater is located in the Ratchada area of Bangkok and can be accessed by taxi or public transportation. The show runs daily, and visitors have the option to include a dinner buffet before the performance for a complete evening of entertainment.

Thai Elephant Conservation

Support ethical elephant tourism and learn about elephant conservation efforts in Thailand by visiting responsible elephant sanctuaries and rescue centers. Interact with elephants in their natural habitat, observe their behavior, and participate in activities such as feeding, bathing, and walking alongside these majestic creatures.
Who it appeals to: Animal lovers, conservationists, and anyone interested in learning about elephant welfare and conservation will appreciate visiting ethical elephant sanctuaries.
Insider Tips: Choose elephant sanctuaries that prioritize the well-being and freedom of the animals, avoiding venues that offer elephant rides or performances. Research reputable sanctuaries and book experiences in advance to ensure a meaningful and responsible visit.
Practicalities: Ethical elephant sanctuaries are located throughout Thailand, with some of the most reputable ones located in regions such as Chiang Mai, Kanchanaburi, and Phuket. Visitors should book tours directly with sanctuaries or certified tour operators.

Muay Thai Boxing

Witness the exhilarating spectacle of Muay Thai, Thailand's national sport and martial art, which combines striking techniques with clinching and grappling maneuvers. Attend live matches at local stadiums or training camps to experience the intensity and athleticism of this traditional combat sport.
Who it appeals to: Sports enthusiasts, martial arts aficionados, and anyone seeking an authentic cultural experience will enjoy watching Muay Thai boxing matches.
Insider Tips: Attend matches at iconic venues such as Lumpinee Stadium or Rajadamnern Stadium for a true taste of Muay Thai culture. Arrive early to soak up the atmosphere and watch the pre-fight rituals performed by the fighters.
Practicalities: Muay Thai matches are held regularly in cities throughout Thailand, with tickets available for purchase at stadium box offices or through authorized ticket vendors.

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