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Adventure Life 10th Anniversary Celebration \ Photos

Fabio, Gabriel and Brian catch-up over good wine
Monika, baby Lincoln, Marissa and Reilly (thumbs up)
Some of the girls
Britta makes us all jealous with her stories of Chile
The fun has just begun...
Brian tries the cheese... and wine
Babies -- Adventure Life family continues to grow
Lynessa and her husband Matt get to know Gabriel
Two little Adventure Lifers, off to the lake...
I think that is a smile...
Aaron, Reilly and Julia enjoy a little cake at the Lake
Samuel eyes the fire
Fire. Good.
Trip Coordinator, Jen, and her main-man Joe
Jonathan and Fabio talk shop
Brian, Gabriel, Fabio and Marissa at fireside
Good conversation around the fire
Marissa tries to keep warm
Aaron and Gabriel wait their turn to water-ski
The beautiful Flathead Lake
Sameul and Mary take in the sun
Aaron and Gabriel on the dock -- a gorgeous afternoon
Trip Coordinator, Renee, and baby Faye
Renee and Faye
Carter - he belongs to Trip Coordinator, Marissa
Renee -- such a good babysitter
Hey Renee -- that\'s not very nice!
Samuel and Carter head off to the party
Renee, baby Faye, Monika and Beth (Faye belongs to Beth)
Baby Lincoln -- at 3 months, the newest Adventure Lifer
Renee, Monika and bouncing babes
Monika and babes take is easy in the shade
Lincoln and Faye - Faye\'s not to sure about that guy...
Jen and Faye
Monika and baby Lincoln
Renee and Reilly find a good spot
Salud Adventure Life!
Adam, Steve and Britta are all smiles
Trip Coordinator, Mary, takes out a kayak
Say \"cheese\" Mary
Getting ready for a ride on the lake
Ryan takes out a kayak
Mary and husband Ryan - duo kayakers
Brian\'s boyhood towel
Financial Controller, Julia and Trip Coordinator, Kassi
Julia and Kassi keeping cool
Hard to beat...
Gabriel\'s first time water-skiing.  He did great!
Aaron (web master) and son, Samuel
Jonathan (Operations Manager)
Aaron and Samuel -- not this year, Samuel...
Reilly, Joe and Jen
Joe adjusts Jen\'s goggles
Waterskiing. FUN!
Jen proudly tests out her new fins and snorkeling gear
Watch out for the dock, Aaron!
Aaron sprays Jen as he flies by
Jen, get in the water already!
Reilly spots the Flathead Lake monster?
Jen is still not in the water...
water fun!
Who\'s next?
Samuel doesn\'t last long in the lake
So glad those things come with handles
Renee gets ready for a dip
There she goes!
chilly... but I love it!
Hooray -- Renee\'s in!
Julia and Renee try to convince Samuel to get back in
Wish you were here
And dad pulls him out again
A great place to swim -- Renee agrees
Samuel = trouble
Jonathan\'s turn
Get ready...
Get set...
There he goes -- great job, Jonathan!
Carter looking cute ... and safe
Quite a beautiful setting
Playing a little toss on the lawn
Joe and Jen - snorkeling for lake treasures
Carter and his dad, Kurt
Beth, Renee, Julia
Jonathan shows off some skills
The Jensen family takes out a canoe
The Jensens
What a day
Renee, Jen, Julia
Steve comes up for air
Trip Coordinator, Mary
Marketing Director, Beth borrows Jen\'s mask
Beth has the giggles
Renee, Julia, Jen, Beth
Dock girls
Don\'t ask
Beth gets herself a Cold Smoke
Reilly and a baby
Playing football in the yard as dinner is readied
Brian, and his mom, Betty Ann -- our wonderful hostess
We eat well
Julia and Renee tend the grill
Gabriel joins them...
Betty Ann and Brian
Brian smudges the cake -- Lynessa is not pleased
Happy Anniversay Adventure Life!
Gabriel shares a few memories of the last 10 years
Gift from Gabriel -- Thanks Friend!
A nice moment...
Brian gives his toast
Time to eat that cake!
From Gabriel
Two Adventure Life family members survey the sunset
Smores, campfire, fine friends = life is good
Ending the evening
Kassi, Brian and Gabs (in the pj pants)
Jen and Beth
Office Manager, Lynessa, and her husband, Matt
Beth takes video for our YouTube page - always working!
Jen shows us a few classic dance moves
Brian & Gabriel - ending the evening with good conversation
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