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Falkland Islands Tour \ Photos

Falkland Quest Tour November 2011
Old barn on Carcass Island
Sheep crossing road from Mt Pleasant to Darwin/Goose Green
19th century ship still intact at Stanley
Ship hulk of the VICAR OF BRAY
Old stone barn at  Darwin
Farm managers houses at Darwin
Magellanic penguin, Gypsy Cove
British barque LADY ELIZABETH, built in 1879
Gypsy Cove
Windblown row of trees protects the farm managers home
Road to north side of West Point Island
Striated Caracara, a carrion eating bird
Black Browed Albatross in the Falklands
Shipwrecked anchor of Norwegian steamer, GUVERNOREN, ex IMO
Helen and I with FIGAS eight passenger interisland plane
Bull elephant seal on Sea Lion Island, Falkland Islands
blackish oystercatchers at Goose Green
Variable hawk at Pebble Island, formerly red backed hawk
two ringed plover on Sea Lion Island
King Penguin juveniles at Volunteer Point
Macaroni Penguin on Saunders Island
Magellanic Oystercatcher on Sea  Lion Island
Juvenile King Penguin traffic police at Volunteer Point
Kelp geese on Carcass Island
Young elephant seal on Sea Lion Island
Rockhopper Penguin  on Saunders Island
Orca at Sea Lion Island
Mother and lamb with raincoat on Saunders Island
Cruise ship NATIONAL  GEOGRAPHIC EXPLORER at Carcass Island
Helen Hall at sea Lion  Island Lodge
Ladys Slipper plant on Pebble Island
Shipwreck and  Striated Caracara on West Point Island
CONDOR at West Point Island  with lots of gorse
British helicopter  landing at Sea Lion Lodge.
Black Browed Albatross courtship behaviour - Saunders Island
Orca and gulls feeding frenzy at Sea Lion Island.
remains of Argentine plane by British-1982 Pebble Island
Blue Eyed Shag and Rockhopper  Penguins on Saunders Island.
Rockhopper Penguin on West Point Island.
Rockhopper Penguins on Saunders Island
King Penguins at Volunteer Point
Bodie Creek Bridge
newspaper \"Penguin News\"  office at Stanley
\"Mine\" sign near Goose Green - watch  where you step!
King  Penguin chicks at Volunteer Point
Falkland Islands flag and Kelp Geese at West Point Island
Falkland Islands  Lady Slipper
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