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Saunders Island- The Neck

Saunders is a large island that is used for both tourism and farming. We drove across most of the island to the Neck, a narrow isthmus that is extraordinarily rich in birdlife, approx 45 minutes from the main settlement. There we saw nearly 20 King penguins in addition to 1 Macaroni penguin, hundred of Rockhoppers and Magellanic and thousands of Gentoo. There were also King Cormorants, Albatros and Striated Caracara that hovered close to us hoping for lunch. If travellers visited nowhere else in the Falklands, they would see most of the most popular birdlife in this one area.

We spent the whole day there and ate packed lunches in the cabin located at the Neck that can be rented for overnight stays. It has a small kitchen and 2 rooms with twin beds in each.

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