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Franny's Solo Trip To Peru! \ Photos

First meal in Peru was this amazing ceviche in Lima.
Incredibly notched rocks of Sacsayhuamán outside of Cusco.
Had to do the quintessential photo in the doorway at Sacsayhuamán!
Beautiful streets of Chinchero.
Leave it to me to find all of the dogs in Peru that look like my own girls.
We found sweet Alpaca in Chinchero as well!
Photo in front of Iglesia Colonial church in Chinchero.
Beautiful ruins of Chinchero.
Quechua woman showing me how to clean alpaca and llama wool before dying and weaving.
Weaving the textiles before my very eyes.
Displaying on her hand all of the natural dyes used as well.
As much as I tried to pay attention, I was distracted by this kitten playing with a ball of yarn.
Display of all the beautiful colors that come from natural substances.
Alfredo loves his home and I do too!
Had to take a photo of our van and Adventure Life sign!
Great view point of the impressive Sacred Valley.
Alfredo, my guide, and William, our driver, had to take a photo too!
Salt mines of Maras.
Salt mines and a beautiful view of mountains behind.
My favorite ruins, Moray. The use of the tiers to test which plants grow at different altitudes was fascinating.
Impressive Ollantaytambo ruins. Made it to the top to get me in shape for the upcoming trek!
Back to Cusco at the end of a long day exploring the beautiful Sacred Valley
Best hot chocolate of my life at Yaku Cocina.
Alpaca steak at Yaku Cocina in Cusco.
The delightful maracuya pisco sour. Definitely a must when visiting Yaku Cocina in Cusco.
Exploring Cusco by foot.
First ruins to experience with my fellow travelers and our guide, Carla.
Waterfalls behind me were where women would go to pray for fertility.
We had the place to ourselves and it was really special.
Our ride to the trailhead for our first hike on the Salkantay Trek.
Flowers were the biggest surprise for me. I didn't expect to see lady slippers in Peru!
Our first views of Humantay Mountain.
My travel buddies, Maya and Phil!
More incredible flowers along the way including a bush of Lupin.
The view was so stunning on our first day.
Maya rounding a corner by the canal we followed to the first lodge.
Lupin framing the mountains.
Our first and my favorite lodge, Salkantay Lodge
Hiking to Humantay Lake on a beautiful day.
A horse joined us on the journey just in case someone needed a ride or extra water. Our 911!
Such a stunning place, Humantay Lake.
Humantay Lake
The lodge's Quechua priest, Sebastian, preparing an offering to the Andes.
Others participating in the ceremony, celebrating the surrounding mountains and earth.
Maya and Phil with Sebastian. He was such a kind soul!
The free afternoon at Salkantay Lodge was available to explore by horseback at an extra cost.
A hearty meal provided by one of the lodges.
Morning views of Salkantay from the lodge.
Beautiful horse in front of a beautiful mountain.
Maya and Phil stopping for a photo under the mighty apu, Salkantay as we journey to the pass.
I could not get enough photos of the handsome Salkantay.
On our journey to the 15,000 foot Salkantay pass
Mules carrying our bags from one lodge to the next
We made it to the pass!
Our 911 horse for Salkantay Pass, Curly and his care taker, Ishmael.
Carla pulling out coca leaves for the toughest part of our hike.
May and Phil, enjoying the view.
Maya soaking up Salkantay Pass - we made it!
Excited about 15,000 feet!
Posing at the pass. Not pictured is me breathing very hard!
Beautiful mountains even with the clouds.
The incredible view from Wayra Lodge.
Descending into the literal cloud forest.
Orchids as we descend further down in elevation.
Big golden flowers as we continue to work our way down into the cloudforest.
Maya enjoying the view and chirping frogs calling the rain.
Me with my first guinea pig at Colpa Lodge.
Pachamanca feast at Colpa Lodge.
And from the mountains come the rushing rivers.
We started seeing more waterfalls as we continued on our trek.
View of Colpa Lodge and last of the rugged Andes.
Crossing the new bridge after a massive avalanche hit the Santa Teresa Valley a few years ago.
Visiting a coffee plantation right outside of Lucma Lodge.
Fresh coffee beans roasted right over the fire.
Delicious coffee, freshly ground.
Enjoying a pisco, the jacuzzi, and the view at Lucma Lodge.
At the top of Llactapata and the first views of the backside of Machu Picchu.
We journeyed by train to Aguas Calientes. The next day, Machu Picchu!
Learning about the ruins at Llactapata Pass from Carla.
We didn't see the full ruins of view of Huanya Picchu at first, but the llamas were present!
Llamas weren't the only wildlife in the Machu Picchu ruins. There were chinchillas too!
Sparrows hanging out on the rocks and moss.
Clouds hanging on to Huayna Picchu and slowly drifting off the Machu Picchu Mountain Ruins.
By the end of the journey through the ruins, we had a clear view.
Made it to Machu Picchu!
Carla, best guide ever. We enjoyed one last cervesa negra together.
Lima from my hotel room in Miraflores
Walking around Miraflores in Lima.
Exploring Barranco district in Lima.
Grafitti in Lima, Barranco District
More grafitti in Lima
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