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Our Galapagos Multisport Adventure \ Photos

The Basilica
Our guide takes on a Quito tour
View in the Quito colonial square
Our guide Jonatan describes the mirador
Checking out the Quito Mirador
View from the Quito Mirador to the Basilica
Vendors in the streets
Hiking Pinchincha Volcano
View above Quito
Meeting Betty and her family!
Trying to walk the equator
Standing at the Mitad del Mundo
Hotel Opuntia dining area
Our Hotel Opuntia balcony
Our Hotel Opuntia room
Hiking up Frigate Hill
View of Kicker Rock
Frigate bird
sea lions on the beach
sea lion on San Cristobal
sea lions on the beach at San Cristobal
sea lions at dusk
Giant Tortoises
Giant Tortoises in Galapagos
Giant tortoises
Giant tortoises
Explore the Galapagos
viewing tortoises on San Cristobal
Matt preps for kayaking
Kayaking around San Cristobal
On the way to snorkel
Galapagos penguins
Humpback whales in Galapagos
Humpback whales in Galapagos
Humpback whales in Galapagos
Humpback whales in Galapagos
photographing the whales
Humpback whales in Galapagos
Humpback whales in Galapagos
Galapagos iguanas
Our Galapagos guides
Enjoying the Galapagos!
Frigate fly over
Galapagos iguanas
sea lion waves hello
Still glowing from my snorkeling tour
Getting back in the boat after snorkeling
Excellent taco lunch
Galapagos finch on our boat motor
Finch take off
Explore the Galapagos
Wet landing in the Galapagos
Disembarking for a land tour in the Galapagos
crab in the Galapagos
Sands of the Galapagos
Explore the Galapagos
Walking along the Galapagos beaches
Matt on the beach
Kickin Kicker Rock
Kicker Rock
Hangin at Kicker Rock
coming up to Kicker Rock
Exploring tidal pools for critters in the Galapagos
Frigate bird
Pelican on the side of Kicker Rock
Exploring Kicker Rock
The channel through Kicker Rocker
Sun shining through Kicker Rock
Boobies on Kicker Rock
relaxing after our snorkel through Kicker Rock
snorkelers around Kicker Rock
cruising along Kicker Rock
snorkelers find starfish
sea lion on the dock
Our plane to Isabela
Arriving on Isabela
Iguana Crossing on Isabela
Iguana Crossing pool and deck
looking out on Isabela
Iguana Crossing lounge
Biking around the Galapagos
Guided bike tour around the Galapagos
prepping for our bike tour on Isabela
Iguanas on Isabella
Iguana just chillin
Don't touch the animals!
Biking on the beach on Isabela
Iguana splat on the beach
photographing the iguanas
Iguana talons
Iguana on Isabela beach
fish carcass on the Isabela beach
taking a breather on the bike tour
yielding for tortoise on the bike path
Sweating on our mountain biking up the hill
Yoga on the Wall of Tears
on top of the Wall of Tears
Fixing 7 flat tires from the thorns
Matt and our guide work on the bikes
Downhill mountain biking!
Iguanas heading to Happy Hour
"Iguana Crossing: please drive slowly" on Isabela
prepping for our snorkel on Isabela
Snorkeling on Isabela
Galapagos pelican on the dock
sally lightfoot crabs
Exploring Las Tintoreras Islet on Isabela
The sharks in the canals
Galapagos white tipped sharks
On Las Tintoreras islet
Galapagos sharks and iguanas
embarking on the panga
iguanas lounging along the trail
Heading up to the Volcano hike!
local horse rider on Isabela
Galapagos finch
Fog at the beginning of the hike
Hiking in the fog up to Sierra Negra
our guide stops to explain in the fog
Fog clearing on Sierra Negra
Lynessa and Matt in the volcano fog
Clear skies at Sierra Negra
clear skies in the volcano caldera
volcano Sierra Negra on Isabela
taking a hike break on the volcano
hiking down the volcano
Terrain along the volcano hike
view out on Isabela from the volcano
Our guide shows the volcano ash "threads"
walking on another planet in the Galapagos
Hiking up the volcano
Hiking the highlands of the Galapagos
Hiking on Isabela
Galapagos finch on our hike
flowers in the Galapagos
horses on our volcano hike
Sierra Negra volcano on Isabela
lunch in the Isabela highlands
sunset at Iguna Crossing
walking along the beach on Isabela
beautiful Isabela beach
Marine iguana
Iguana hanging out the bar window
Iguana Crossing bar for Happy Hour
Iguanas on Isabela
A dolphin playing alongside the boat in the Galapagos
Finding a giant tortoise on a hike
tortoise hike
giant Galapagos tortoise
wise tortoise eyes
tortoise beak
giant tortoise showing aggression
Santa Cruz highlands
Santa Cruz highlands
ancient dinosaur
Tortoise in the ferns
tortoise on Santa Cruz
Giant tortoise on Santa Cruz
Santa Cruz highlands
Our bus on Santa Cruz
tortoise sighting on Santa Cruz
Santa Cruz color
On the short panga ride from the hotel
Our room view at Angermeyer Hotel
sunset illuminating Angermeyer Hotel
Our gourmet fish at Angermeyer Hotel
Our group at Charles Darwin Research Center
Iguana at Charles Darwin Research Station
Experience the wildlife of the Galapagos
Explore the Galapagos
tortoise at the Darwin center
RIP Lonesome George
Charles Darwin Research Station
baby tortoises at Charles Darwin Research Station
baby tortoise at Charles Darwin Research Station
Welcome to Bellavista Cloud Forest Park!
Bellavista Cloudforest Lodge
bird viewing perch at Bellavista Cloudforest Lodge
View out our cabin window at Bellavista
our room at Bellavista Cloudforest Lodge
Hiking in the Ecuador cloudforest
hiking in the cloudforest
found the Xtreme trail
Camping at Bellavista
recycling center at Bellavista
Hiking in the cloud forest
Bellavista Hummingbirds
Bellavista Hummingbirds
Bellavista Hummingbirds
Bellavista Hummingbirds
Bellavista Hummingbirds
Bellavista Hummingbirds
Bellavista Hummingbirds
Bellavista Lodge
goofing around at Bellavista
Relaxing with a cold beer and a book at Bellavista Cloud Forest Reserve
reading at Bellavista
enjoying our stay at Bellavista
photographing Bellavista hummingbirds
Dinner at Mansion de Angel Hotel
gourmet cuisine at Mansion de Angel
Matt enjoys the gourmet cuisines at Mansion de Angel
Luxury at Mansion de Angel
gourmet breakfast at Mansion de Angel
view of Quito out our window at Mansion de Angel
our luxury room at Mansion de Angel
our private sitting room at Mansion de Angel
friendly hotel dog at Mansion de Angel
gourmet breakfast at Mansion de Angel
courtyard at Mansion de Angel
Back private entrance at Mansion de Angel
common room at Mansion de Angel

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