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Sick in the Galapagos

No matter how much I prepare and try to prevent getting sick it seems to happen to me every single time I travel internationally.  Actually, I used to get motion sickness driving to the super market at home so I guess if you put it into perspective, I'm advancing somewhat.  Last night I woke up to the "traveler's sickness" which involved spending a few hours back and forth from the bathroom - I'll spare you the details but the following morning I was in no shape for our excursion to the highlands.  Tomas brought medicine to help with my stomach infection and I slept the day away.

When Matt returned that evening he brought soup from the kitchen made specially for me.  Matt shared photos from his day at "La Galapaguera" in the highlands.  It was a breeding center for the giant tortoises in the National Park. 
Giant tortoises
Giant tortoises (Lynessa Nelson)

Explore the Galapagos
Explore the Galapagos (lynessa nelson)

viewing tortoises on San Cristobal
viewing tortoises on San Cristobal (Lynessa Nelson)

In the afternoon the group had gone sea kayaking on the coast to Darwin Bay.
Kayaking around San Cristobal
Kayaking around San Cristobal (Lynessa Nelson)

Tomas checked in again and I was much better - ready for a day of snorkeling tomorrow!

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