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Our Peruvian Adventure \ Photos

coming into Ollantaytambo
El Sauce hotel
View of Ollantaytambo ruins from el Sauce
So many beautiful sites like this in the countryside of Peru
Views of the Sacred Valley
Eating dinner at Ollantaytambo
Dinner in Ollantaytambo
river outside Ollantaytambo
Ollantaytambo ruins
Ollantaytambo ruins
Incan craftmanship
Matt observing the ruins in peru
Such precision even in the corners
Incan symbol carved into the stone foundation
First Incan computer monitor
View of the market from the ruins
That string will keep you from plummeting to the rocks below
Exploring Ollantaytambo ruins
such advanced water systems for irrigation
Fountains for ritual bathing before religious ceremonies
water drainage down the middle of the road
two toros and beer for good luck!
Lunch! guinea pigs!
Grinding corn
Garlic and Jesus for good luck
View of Ollantaytambo
Goat on a pile of wood
On the train
Tracking our coordinates on the GPS
how many workers does it take to change over the tracks?
Train to Machu Picchu
the raging Urubamba River
the damn
Aguas Calientes
checking in at el MaPi Inn
restaurant directly across from El MaPi
Complimentary Pisco sours
Food in peru
gourmet pizza
On our way to Machu Picchu!
Our diligent tour guide
first sight of Machu Picchu
The dalai llama
Machu picchu
the crowds of people
Matt and Machu Picchu
Lynessa and Machu Picchu
The chinchilas abound
Park employed Lawn mowers
Mountains in Machu Picchu
Ayul explains the history
Looking at photos in Machu Picchu
Taking pictures in Machu Picchu
Wayna Picchu
Slow settling at Machu Picchu
Machu Picchu temple
Trip to Peru
Can you see the Condor in the rock?
checking to see if the Incan compass is aligned correctly. Yep!
Urubamba River
Our guide at Machu Picchu
Local game of "darts".  Whoever loses buys the chicha
Playing darts in the Sacred Valley
Mmm. . . Chicha
Burros in the Sacred Valley
pit stop on the way back to Cusco
Old Inca entrance to the city of Cusco
The Cusco Market!
Any fruit you could possibly want in a smoothie
Every kind of fruit
Tincture "para hacer el exito" to make the success
the 900 different species of potatoes in Peru
The Cusco market
Please note the quail in the cage.  Fresh eggs anyone?
At Sacsayhuaman
How did they move those?
Largest rock in Sacsayhuaman
The Incas must have been very tall
Looking out on Cusco
Taking a break.  The altitude got to us!
Incan stone cut with 12 corners
Cusco Cathedral - no pictures allowed inside
The Temple of the Sun
The Snake, the Puma, and the Condor
Colonial buildings built on top of the Temple of the Sun
Such precision in the Incan arcitecture
Out our Cusco hotel room, Taypikala Hotel.
We don't want to go home!
Back in Lima on the waterfront
Our gracious host, Milagros, and her son
Pilar and Gianina
Back in the US
Thank you Adventure Life for an awesome trip!
Flying into Juliaca
driving from Juliaca to Puno
the welcoming committee
on the floating islands
Guide describes the floating islands
the catfish
demonstration of how the floating islands are made
we look indigenous right?
huts complete with tv
the artisans and their crafts
looking across to other floating islands
taxi to another island
view from the watchtower
Welcome to Colquecachi on Amantani Island
World Cup: Germany vs. Peru
hike to pachamama
hike to pachamama
Pachamama - closed except for during ceremonies
our Adventure Life guide
Lake Titicaca
our host family making dinner
host family making dinner
typical Aymara garb for the ladies
Our host sister teaches Matt traditional Peruvian dances
The gringos try it out
Taking a break at the high altitude
the whole group
Our host room on the second floor - comfy and warm
Courtyard in our host Clara\'s home
Clara\'s son
her youngest son
The whole family!
Walking to the boat in the morning
Taquile Island
our guide on Taquile Island
Local shepherds on Taquile Island
Young girl and her lamb on Taquile Island
Are we in Greece?
Our view at lunch
lunchtime on Taquile Island
the 500 steps down to the boat
boating 10 miles an hour back to Puno
chickens & handicrafts
Old Inca wall
Matt framed by the Incan architecture
Our bus guide
Our tour group on the bus
Our bus driver and stewardess
Beginning of the Sacred Valley tour
rasta alpaca
Please FEED the llamas
and they come flocking
a vicuna
Gimme that!
Carine feeds the vicuna
Ayul feeds the vicuna
traditional weaver
the dyes
the different colored dyes from the same base
rounding up and shearing of the llamas
Girl weaving textiles
pit stop on the way to Pisac
Urubamba River Valley
Pisac ruins
Pisac ruins
Pisac ruins
Pisac ruins
Pisac ruins
Pisac ruins
water system
pool for ritual bathing (see the steps and hand holds)
Matt and Lynessa at Pisac ruins
Argentinian student shares his mate with us
Local musician along the hike
Pisac ruins
hike back to our car
artistic rainwater drainage in Pisac town
Pisac town market
it rained
The Sacred Valley
Moras ruins
Peaks of Victoria in the backround
restoration in progress
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